Episode-2644- Establishing Your “Why” for Homeschooling — 6 Comments

  1. Yeah, silver… Actually it’s not a very good time to buy. Evidently when the spot priced dropped about two dollars the actual price for a silver eagle jumped up about 2 dollars… It was cheaper to buy silver eagles when the spot price was around $17 per ounce for silver. I paid just under $20 per silver eagle. Now the price starts at about $22/ounce.

    Looks like the silver dealers got caught with high cost stock and are making up for it by increasing the price even more… I’m waiting until they really need to get rid of their stock before I buy again. LOL

  2. Matt has some great observations about this subject!

    Re: Setting a daily agenda. How about finding courses that use checksheets? The student knows exactly what he/she needs to do to learn a certain subject or how to do a certain thing. They can study at their own pace and your job becomes more that of a facilitator and helping them through the hard parts, helping them practice activities they are learning and making sure they are understanding the material.

    Re: What went wrong in public schools. My training tells me that psychologists took over from real teachers – and parents. My parents were a huge part of my early education even though I was a public school student. Most of my teachers were interested in their students and their subjects. All the bureaucracy was secondary. That was all before the days of school lunches and all those state and federal dollars going into schools that qualified. That was also before the “mental health” system arrived in schools.

    Re: Kids. They deserve our support and our respect. Schools aren’t doing this for them, whereas they did in the past to some degree. Technology has moved ahead, but left people behind. The only ones who can fix this are the ones who realize what’s really going on.


  3. I referred to myself as a full-time dad when I stayed home with my daughters. I reentered the workforce after they started school, but I thank God everyday for the time I got to spend with them during those early years. I fully understand the mental part of it.  There were some days where I questioned myself, but I’ll tell you – my wife never did. She was extremely supportive and that’s critical. We have no regrets about the decisions we made.  It was the best and sometimes hardest job I’ve ever had (first full time job was in a coal mine, then military and now law enforcement),  but totally worth it. I wouldn’t trade those years for any  job or amount of money. In fact, at the time, I turned down a good career to be a full-time dad.  This pandemic has me thinking more about homeschooling and homesteading full time.

  4. I work at a closed school, just did a spy walk through of what they’re sending the kids. Chips and cereal a few fresh vegetables and milk. I’ll check tomorrow to see if they send anything else.

    • I got to see a delivery of breaded chicken this morning. So it isn’t just carbs.