Episode-147- What Type of Survivor are You and the Government Lies to us Again — 13 Comments

  1. Jack,Great show, you make me think outside the box. I have taken the same test on the Glen site and it said that I was a believer. It also results were that I believed that God had a plan for me. It was right to a point but I also agree with you that we all should have a little of each of these traits to survive. In most situations I do move through all five types before ending at the solution. Most people that have 401’s or IRAs in mutual funds have the ability to move their money around inside of their fund without paying any charges if its a no load fund.
    Louisiana’s Gov Bobby Jindal said he was not taking all the Stimulus money, no to the funds for unemployment and yes on the Highway funding, while on Meet The Press Sunday (2-22-09).

  2. So mutual funds are too regulated and weighed down to work in our interests. What about ETF’s? Any assets and managers that you can buy these days that will survive inflation and really get pick you up on the bounce.

  3. To survive
    Get your weapon and be prepared
    Know how to hunt for food,,meat and herbs
    Find a fresh supply of water
    Find a hidden place that is warm and dry
    Know everything and everyone that is around you and be 3 steps ahead of them
    Never trust what you see, but won’t you don’t see
    Be ready and willing to do anything to survive

  4. @Roy the link is under “Resources for Today’s Show” second link,