Episode-1712- Finding Your Version of Freedom — 17 Comments

  1. Homeschooling,
    The association’s you suggested do exist to varying degrees here in Indiana. Last year we participed in a weekly science class. I payed $5 a week (normal price would have been $10) because I stayed and helped. It was a nice class in a home of a mom in our homeschool play group.

    I know of a group south of me that have a more refined set of classes taught by certified teachers.

    I have been homeschooling for over six years now Indiana is pretty a great place to homeschool.

  2. Good show!

    It was not my intention to say my life is for everyone. I wanted to stress find your vision and fight for it, take it. Search your soul and find your true self, and that is not a single or quick task. I wasted half my life before I knew what I want to be when I grow up. It was actually this podcast that lit a fire under my @$$ to just do something and not stop until I had it. It’s OK to start something and quit when it doesn’t fulfill or is not what you expected. It’s in the doing that we actually learn. A vision is always being refined.

    I wish so much, that when I was 18 I had been exposed to the ideas of what is possible. If I had I would be a grandfather sitting under pecan trees by now. In ojk with planting trees which I will never eat from, but its hard to not kick my own @$$ once in a while for the loss of years. Still, that is just what it took to lift me out of generations of government school.

    Every day you don’t do something is a day wasted you never get back..

    • Hope it was clear I understand that fully man. You helped make this show, thank you for that.

  3. I’ll be listening to this show again and letting it sink in – it’s like a TOUGH LOVE message for some of us who have kind of lost our way. Thanks Jack.

  4. Loved the show. As a side your skeleton picture reminded me of the LEGO movie. The part in the beginning about following the instructions on fitting in.Being a cog in the machine.
    The show made me think about how some see extreme change as necessary, and try to impose that on all of the cogs in the machine. All the master builders with their different freedoms wanted Emmett to create freedom for everyone in their image. When in the end working together allowed everyone to have that piece of freedom that was right for them.
    I have been gardening, brewing, and enjoying the simpler freedoms thanks to TSP and am grateful for your thought provoking segments.

  5. I just listened to this show a for second time.

    While you where talking about how taking your wife into consideration and how that limits your freedom. I thought yep that is just stepping up and being a responsible person in a healthy relationship.

    It occurred to me that that is exactly the opposite of what people want government to do.

    Both political parties sell the idea of taking over the responsibilities of others. Weather it is making wealth equal or protecting you from drug addiction. At its core they are taking responsibility for what is some one else’s responsibilities.

    I think that is what is called a co-dependent relationship. It is unhealthy even if that is the wrong term.

    It is Just like an alcoholics family that covers for them and enables their behavior.

    Once you buy into their ideas of taking over your fellow citizens responsibilities you have entered into unhealthy relationship. This is why every conversation turns irrational.

    It is like talking to an abused person and trying to get them to see that they to leave their abuser. To face the fact it is an unhealthy relationship.

  6. Thank you. I would rather plant a seed then fill a prescription, the government disagrees. Until you find yourself in this position it’s easy to say “I would never”, but Maybe you would, shouldn’t you have the option? I highly recommend “The Culture High” it’s on Netflix, it covers the issue from all aspects & is highly enlightening.

    • Just wondering if that comment was in response to something specific? No worries just curious.

      • Cannabis and the stigma attached to it. The podcast was on personal freedoms & not defining others freedoms, provided they cause no one harm. I find it surprising how many people still buy into the “War on Drugs”, while downing pharmaceuticals on a regular basis. Hence the “I would rather plant a seed then fill a prescription”, it seemed as if you agree?…that it is a personal freedom?

        • Fair enuff. It’s a ongoing struggle for me @ the moment, call it paranoia though I don’t believe it is, that I cannot reply with a more thorough response. When I am thru with my personal ordeal, I’d be glad to give context.

  7. Another reason why the free state project is so effective is that New Hampshire has the 3rd largest governing body in the English speaking world behind US congress and British parliament, with 440 representatives. This for a state with about a million people. It makes it very easy to get Liberty minded individuals into office. Unfortunately people fleeing from Mass are starting to head up here because it’s better living… And bringing their ideas about government. Hopefully the Free State project kicks in and brings more Liberty minded people to fight the good fight.

    Great episode. It’s good to look at it from the perspective that anyone should be able to do what they want, even if that’s subject themselves to slavery.

    Looking forward to meeting you at PV.

  8. Regarding the HOA’s…
    Here’s the part that I think you’re missing: there are certain people that want that control, and they want others to have control over them.

    And I’ve come to realize (now that I have a home outside of an HOA) that I’d much rather those types of people think my house sucks because there’s no HOA to tell me what type of lawn I should have, what length it should be cut, and how often etc. … than have them as neighbors.

    I love my cousin and her husband, but they’re statists. They spent over $300k more on their house than I spent on mine. For that they got a postage stamp sized front yard, no driveway, a 20 foot deep garage, a 10 foot deep backyard, and a zero lot line on 1 side. And streets so narrow, you can only park on 1 side of the street.
    They start bragging about the neighborhood and the HOA, and I must’ve had a confused look on my face, because they clarify, that they only pay $600 per year for their HOA. So, I ask what they provide for that, thinking there must be a pool, park, tennis courts, community center SOMETHING to justify $600 per year times however many hundreds of homes.
    They proceed to list off restrictions: this neighbor wasn’t allowed to put in this new garage door because of the color, another wasn’t allowed to repaint his house, another wasn’t allowed to plant a tree in his front lawn etc. They get all this great service of telling other people what they can’t do with their property for only $600 per year!!!

    These types of people should be amongst each other, and away from the rest of us.