You Guys Broke the PermaEthos Server — 29 Comments

  1. Nice use of GoPro drone for the aerial shots. I’m a filmmaker/editor myself…it’s cool to see how you can do these shots now without renting a chopper for tons of cash.

      • Kelly H.
        Do you shot on DSLRs? I’m so impressed with some images I see now. The last short I shot was on the Canon XL1 back in 2006 and I was able to fool professionals to think it was film.

        • I shot this video on the Canon 70D. But we’ve been doing six “made for TV” movies a year on the EX3, and they look great!

          There’s so much run-n-gun in the On-line PDC that I’m switching to the Sony NX30U, for the Optical Block Stabilization. It’s amazing. Since I’ll be a one-man-crew, I’m also bringing in robotic cameras, GoPros, and several rotating time-lapse rigs.

  2. Hostgator also has had some major outages today. Their twitter feed has been explaining what is going on and how they are resolving it all.

  3. Great film work & I’m excited to see how it all comes together. Hope I can be one of the first 1000!

  4. I’m in. I have Geoff’s online PDC under my belt and one more could not hurt. Even if I didn’t want another PDC I’d support this.

    • Same here! I’ve already embezzled the money from other categories of my homestead budget – hovering over the keyboard, waiting for the green flag. πŸ™‚

      • It will likely be sometime in the first week of May when I get back from vacation.

  5. I showed my wife the video and she said sign up. I just joined the MSB in hopes of being one of the 1000 wolves.

    Thank you Jack.

  6. I know that you said “coming soon” but any estimate on when we can sign up for the PDC? And do MSB members get first crack?

    • He answered this in today’s episode (1335), but the short answer is he said either next week or the week after, and MSB members will get a 24 hour window ahead of non-members to sign up.

      • thanks Amy. I was only half way through when I got home. I should have been more patient and waited to hear the rest on the morning commute.

        • No worries, if I didn’t get stuck in construction traffic long enough to finish the episode I’d probably have asked the same thing.

  7. We broke the server. That’s awesome! I’m in when you offer the PDC. So is my co-worker.

  8. All our sites on hostgator were down this day too. Made for a huge lack of work being done.

  9. Wish I was younger and in better health to volunteer my services. N.T.S., Im looking forward to this PDC. As a bonus… or temptation, Im only 40 miles from Charleston WV.

  10. I would like to do the PDC it would help me with my Half acre property. I hate mowing and I have my place and my parents to do. I would like to do something that will give me something back besides just work only. I like the idea of eating stuff from my yard. I do it now with woodland sorrel nice lemony taste. It grows all over my yard.

    I was just thinking maybe God or some higher power was telling you not Texas for Permaethos, since someone stepped forward. Instead of one Hugh place maybe may smaller places was going to be better. Besides if I have spare time I can offer a strong back to help I am only a state away.

    Good luck and may the sun ?? be gentle upon your head and your shovel never break.??

  11. As I’ve commented elsewhere, I’m in, but more than that, the quality of the video I just watched here is outstanding!

    Now Jack, I’m not saying I don’t like the videos you put out — though I watch more for the info than the cinematography — but it’s obvious the work Kelly will be contributing will make the PDC incredibly valuable. From the shots on the ground to the ability to give fly-overs (and, again, the quality that will come with it) makes this a unique opportunity. The intro video is already top-notch work and I’m truly excited by what you’re going to be presenting us.


  12. What is the planed time line for the PDC?
    A rough time for the start of the class and rough time of completion.

  13. Sounds great. Only concern I have is I have a limited data plan in my area (is the only option for the Internet) and only look at videos when able to hook to wifi in town. How can this work with a live PDC? Will it be able to be downloaded for each class for review later somehow?

    • Hi Cal,

      The PDC will be shot on the farm, but it won’t be “live” as in “live streaming”. Each session will be pre-recorded and edited for delivery on-line. We also talked about offering a DVD, or thumb drive option, but I’m not sure those details have been finalized. Josiah might have more info on that. One way or another, we’ll make sure you can get it πŸ™‚



      • Thanks. A thumb drive option would be good if the individual file sizes are rather large. Look forward to being a part of.

  14. I too have shitty Internet and would appreciate a thumb drive option.
    Great work Kelly, you made Jack look like a movie star.