Episode-1503- Of Yaks, Swine and Anarchism — 24 Comments

  1. Wow. This young man is going places. I’m a little jealous and proud at the same time that he is on the right path so much earlier than I was. Also, Jack: I just sent you a voice message and email about function stacking Nick with another one of your guest. I think it could be amazing for both.

  2. Great interview! Nick is also a cohost on the Freedom Feens which also features Ben Stone the Bad Quaker. Jack was there some kind of conflict between you and Ben and is it resolved? A lot of people would be glad to see you at Porcfest and liberty forum!

    • The ball is in Ben’s court. In spite of the fact that he got his start in my forum and in spite of the fact that the only thing I ever offered him was friendship and help. He brought his ass into my facebook page and called me IMMORAL for saying I was voting on a law to legalize marijuana because all voting was immoral.

      If you call me immoral I have every right to be insulted. I see it as the highest level of insult. I told him in response in no uncertain terms to fuck himself and pointed out that while he contends to be a purist anarchist that he himself is on government assistance. He claims I only know this from some ill gotten way, I simply know it because I met him and he told me when I did he was on disability.

      While I don’t decry anyone for such things to come off as a purist while you yourself are on the fucking dole and call a man immoral for voting to legalize a substance and decriminalize a behavior is what I consider sanctimonious bullshit.

      I don’t need Ben to agree with me, all I need is an apology for the comment that I am an immoral person. Further the second that happens I will tell him I am sorry for telling him to fuck off and all will be well at that point.

      The truth is he knew exactly what he was doing when he engaged me the way he did, his goal was to get me to respond as I did and now he wants to pretend to be a victim.

      Again I found his attack to be particularly wrong because again he got his start at TSP, I had never been anything but kind to him and I had offered him any support or help he wanted when he started up his own thing. To be fair to him he did it on his own once he stepped out, I respect that. But again it started at TSP, I did offer my friendship and kindness and in return feel he spit in my face.

      • That is a sad chain of events to be sure, while I disagree with the strategy of voting I can see the argument for doing it defensively. And unfortunately I can see Ben Stone reacting in that way based on two of his podcasts where he was very nasty and vindictive towards individuals he had been friends with before (google search his website for Gary north to bring it up).

        Both you and Ben are great voices and I hope you’ll still consider attending liberty events like LF and porcfest in the future, there are many people out there including myself who value your knowledge and integrity.

        • I offered to speak at LF this year, Karla said since I spoke in the past I would have to get her another speaker, like a mentor of mine or something, because she wanted to keep the speakers fresh.

          I am sorry but that is just BS. I love coming to liberty forum but frankly half of the speakers, can’t speak worth a damn. I walked out of quite a few sessions on subjects I was really interested in because it was akin to watching paint dry.

          When I come there and speak I blow it up. I draw a lot of people and frankly I don’t know another big name speaker that ensures that they are fully accessible to anyone that wants to speak to them the entire time.

          The day they ask me to speak again I will. I take no fee and only require they cover my room and air fare. I do so with no speakers agreement and just work on a verbal hand shake. I love Carla but frankly it isn’t having fresh speakers that brings people in, it is having good ones. You guys should require speakers to submit a short video presentation before booking them, if they can’t speak well their credentials and subjects don’t matter.

          FWIW on Ben, the last time I spoke I was the keynote, despite the animosity when I saw him, I said hello and resolved to be decent to him. He mumbled a muffled hey, looked away and when I turned around again he was gone. He came to the keynote dinner, until I was introduced and then got up an left.

          I wish Ben would reach out and bury the hatchet with me. I really do and frankly I feel he is acting like an angry child here. I would gladly accept his apology any day. If asked even if he would not apologize I’d share a stage with him on a panel or in a debate or in anyway I was asked. I am a professional, I don’t have to like someone to respect them. Frankly I don’t even dislike Ben, I simply dislike what he said about me, because it was insulting.

          In any event nothing he says or does would prevent me from coming to LF or any other event. To this day if Ben needed my help, despite the issue between us, I’d provide it.

        • Appreciate the reply, very well said. Principles, honor, and integrity are just as important to modern survival as the what and the how-to.

    • I asked Jack the same question on Liberty Forum (TSP 1488) and PorcFest in an email this week. I didn’t have the chance to thank Jack for attending Liberty Forum, doing so much for the FSP, for spending time with the community, for the TSP coins and for the Scotch. I also wanted to thank Jack for the interview advice where I discovered that our retirements are being covertly nationalized by being steered into government bonds (TSP 967-968). I owe Jack a huge THANK YOU! It is indeed true that no other speaker is as accessible with Jack, let alone a big name, room-filling speaker. Room and airfare doesn’t cover the cost of these events. Food and booze are pricy; I live locally and spent $300 in the 3 days I was able to attend. Jack was most generous in buying drinks for his fans. Throw in car rental, incidentals, boarding the dogs and the opportunity cost and it could easily cost several thousand dollars. It is truly a labor of love. Liberty Forum is moving to a larger venue – the Manchester Radisson, so they will need speakers.

  3. Jack asked whether I knew the meaning of “goat” in the context he explained on the podcast.

    I loved learning the context as Jack understood it. I’ll use a quote to illustrate how I understood it….

    Charlie Brown: “So I drop the fly ball and we lose the championship! I could have been the hero…. instead I’m the GOAT. The other team is carrying their manager home on their shoulders…. Heroes ride…. Goats walk. I wanted so much to be the hero. But I always end up being the Goat! No matter how hard I try, I always end up being the Goat!”

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled podcast.


  4. If I were him I’d be building a micro-house for his deal with his dad to drop out. That counts as a house right?

  5. Re: Economic restrictions on US citizens
    The restrictions related to US tax policy, FATCA, and difficulty in banking abroad are actually the BIGGEST single obstacle and disincentive for us in our plan to relocate and build our business overseas this year. The reporting burden is going to be a royal pain and I have to take special care in how I structure the business and the ownership of it and how I receive any pay/income from our endeavors (the foreign tax exemption only counts for earned income). But for the time being our banks in Mongolia are still happy to have our business, and the tax, regulatory, and long-term economic climate is still far more favorable. Not to mention that if the selfish and dysfunctional US gov’t is this determined to keep me on the US “economic reservation”, it just makes me suspect that breaking away from it (not that moving abroad is the only way to do so) is that much more important.

    – Nick

  6. I hope my son and daughter will be like this young man when they’re his age 10-15 years from now. Not necessarily with farming/ranching (unless they find a desire for that), but just having a drive to explore, try new things. and being unafraid to find their own path and break from the herd. I’m banking that their ‘unconventional’ experience growing up in both the US and abroad (and being outside the US public school system) will help with that.

    – Nick (not the one from the podcast ;^)

  7. Window dressing asside what functional difference is there between government and organized crime? There are differences in emphasis and procdures. The thug is more direct usually but they both extract resources, claim to protect, enforce their will with the threat of violence, fight with similar neighboring groups, claim to be the good guys, etc etc.

    • I agree with Jeff. Functionally much the same. I often think of the government as a form of mafia. And both Mafia and government seem to attract a certain percentage of persons who enjoy being thugs.

  8. Jack , where can I find the break down of taxes on gas/diesel fuel. I heard a comment on your show about this, I think once I find out this info, get some stickers made with the data and where the info came from. Place the stickers on the pump every time I refuel. Maybe awareness will bring on change.

  9. Very inspiring episode! Nick will be going far and now I want to raise yak! How is the ROI on meat production?

    Biohacker Dave Asprey said on the Joe Rogan Experience #274 that the yak he ate in Tibet was as delicious as the finest grass-fed beef. Yak butter tea inspired him to make Bulletproof Coffee. Yak butter is especially high in nutrients and essential to survival in the harsh Himalayas. However, these Himalayan yaks were very large and forage on high altitude plants and lichens. I hope that we can get the same benefits with the smaller domestic yak, raised at low altitudes and pastures. I gotta locate some yak and find out!

  10. Wow, I wish I would have been as mature and aware at 16 as this young man! PS if you want some great Yak comedy go on YouTube and search “man on a buffalo”!!!

    I was/am going to make a line item “cost of USDA compliance” charge once I started selling my rabbits off the farm! I was even going to do an “on the farm” discount. (In the state of TN, I can sell meat I process on the farm, only on the farm. To sell at Farmers Market, retail or restaurants, I have to

    Ok, so I may have been inspired by Joel Salatin’s shipping charge that he includes on his bill. But thats besides the point. It would be both my way of educating people on the cost of compliance and encourage people to come to the farm.

    • oops, to soon on that post comment button.

      I was/am going to make a line item “cost of USDA compliance” charge once I started selling my rabbits off the farm! I was even going to do an “on the farm” discount. (In the state of TN, I can sell meat I process on the farm, only on the farm. To sell at Farmers Market, retail or restaurants, I have to get it processed by a USDA facility. The closest one being at least an hour away!

      Ok, so I may have been inspired by Joel Salatin’s shipping charge that he includes on his bill. But thats besides the point. It would be both my way of educating people on the cost of compliance and encourage people to come to the farm.

  12. Jack: @ some point in this interview you suggested that it would be useful if gasoline taxes were displayed at the point-of-sale. This is done here in Kaliforniastan, however it is printed only in English, so most consumers are unaware…