Episode-2673- Strategic Relocation, CoVid Lock Downs, Riots and Technological Solutions with Xavier Hawk — 8 Comments

  1. “Not a big deal.” I’ve started studying medicine with a focus on virology and have one thing to say. FUCK both of you along with your Orange god. The total amount of what you should be allowed to say regarding a pandemic is ZERO.

    • If you were trying to demonstrate the perfect example of talking like a man with a paper asshole, well fuckin done.

      • This is how a sizeable number of internet conversations I have end up going…. “Oh, you say you don’t like Trump, but I don’t think you hate him ENOUGH. Get him!!! Burn the witch!!!”

        This inflexibility in thinking will be biting a lot of these people in the ass HARD in the years to come. Community will help us get through this, and people who make enemies and burn bridges over every little disagreement or perceived sleight will find themselves with little or no worthwhile community to speak of…

        • Yea I mean Xavier literally called him a “douche bag” but that resulted in claiming he was our “Orange God”. Cognitive dissonance is a bitch. And we did say CoVid was not a big deal, for “most people”, but none of what was said was heard.

    • @Name(less)

      We DO need a lot of good up-and-coming virologists, especially given Fauci’s and the WHO’s and the CDC’s terrible track record in the pandemic. If you can avoid mixing politics in with the medicine & science like they did (and like you have in your post here), you MIGHT be end up being one of those effective up-and-comers. The choice is yours.

      • I agree but I know what position I would take if I was betting on it.

  2. Re: STEEM

    I totally get where you’re coming from on STEEM adoption hassles… you have to WANT it bad enough to jump through a few hoops. It looks like it’s got a little better since I joined, and once you get set up it’s easier. But still, getting broad mainstream adoption remains a challenge for them. I admit I don’t know much yet about Phireon (I’ll be reading up on it tonight), but I hope they learn from STEEM’s example and find a way to streamline/simplify the adoption process.

    Speaking of STEEM… I’m not sure if you’ve kept up on the news, but the blockchain forked a few months ago due to some ass-clownery on the part of Justin Sun who bought up the Steemit company (and their stash of STEEM) and his attempt to assert control.

    The new fork, HIVE, was a community effort to recreate the blockchain to exclude the Steemit stash of STEEM tokens, thus restoring some balance of power. So far HIVE has been doing really well (better than STEEM so far), with growing adoption by big exchanges (Binance for example) and its token has been consistently outpacing STEEM in value. I admit I have a preference between the two, but for the most part I’m putting this out there so you and any new people know all their options as well as the recent changes that can affect creators on either chain.

  3. Jack I can’t believe you didn’t challenge him on calling Covid-19 (well sars cov-2) a biological weapon and claiming to have first hand knowledge of it.  Have you changed your mind?  What gives?