Walks With Jack Episode One – Free to Everyone — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve been there and seen the lushness of the swale growth – even I was getting a bit lost and confused with the back and forth panning, even a bit dizzy. It may have been the monopod mounting that changed things up. Do you still have the shoulder mount and will it fit the iPhone 7? That may be the way to go.

    Otherwise, the GoPro Dave mentioned above is a solid option. I have one you could use to try out and you may want to go with the ‘Chesty’ chest harness. The only thing with that mount is you can’t see the back screen unless you link it to your phone to use as the viewfinder.

    I totally appreciate the business teachings and using the pond and the investment analogies was brilliant. Once you got to the short segments and then to the shade house with the camera pointed at you, you really held my attention better.

    I’ll visit the patreon site and look at it’s structure. The solid advise you gave in this video is absolutely worth supporting and if you are planning to customize your talks to the audience and take questions, that would really lock in the value.