Episode-1257- WranglerStar on Transitioning to the Homesteading Life — 16 Comments

  1. Excellent interview Jack. I’d love to hear from him again and will definitely be checking out his videos!

  2. Jack,

    Great interview, as I’m in the beginning stages of doing what you and Cody are doing. It is nice to hear someone talk about his experiences so the rest of us can learn from them. It boils down to having a plan, being organized and executing, I can’t wait to get started.

  3. Enjoyed this episode. I have coined a term for homesteading, which I call “Slow Living”. When I was in Europe, they had a phenomenon called “Slow Food”. I think that Slow Living could catch on in the U.S. as a trend

    • Curtis, I think that the “slow” idea is already here in certain places. I know that “slow food” has been talked about by people like Michael Pollan and Joel Salatin. I know there’s also a book by a guy named Woody Tasche called “slow money.” I totally agree with you that it’s a great view of life.

  4. It was awesome listening to two of the people I really look up to in the industry. I’ve been listening to TSP since episode 50 and have watched Cody’s videos since 2011. Great episode!

  5. Great interview Jack! I’ve been watching Cody’s videos for a long time, and really enjoy learning from him. Can’t wait until the next one!

  6. Been a long time viewer of Cody as well, and really enjoyed the 2 of you discussing life. I really enjoy learning from everyone in this community! Thanks Jack and Cody for taking the time to do this.


  7. Wonderful podcast Jack! This is my first time here. I saw that you had Cody on and wanted to hear what he had to say. I follow him on YouTube. He and his family are good people. It brought a tear to my eye when you two were talking about ‘Dad’s nuts and bolts’. I am 50 now and my Dad passed eight years ago. I am still sorting through his collection of hardware. I thank God (Mom and Dad too) everyday for all the lessons and lectures I received as a young man from my parents. I don’t know where I would have been without them. Just wanted to share—anyway your site looks great and I really enjoyed the podcast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Like many here, I’ve been a longtime listener to TSP and viewer to Cody’s channel. I love 99% of his videos, especially where he restores old tools or builds things from raw materials, like that belt for his son.

  9. I was thinking about ‘thrift’.. and it occurred to me that we are in a time where money & influence (power) are being decoupled.

    If you think about the rise of influence via propaganda in Nazi Germany.. it took a huge, expensive state mechanism to distribute & reinforce the desired memes.

    With the birth of the internet, and cheap computing.. its now possible for a single passionate person to influence an unlimited number of people.. located throughout the entire world, virtually for free.

    And its (currently) almost impossible for their meme to be ‘crushed’ by the ‘authorities’/powerful (you can’t just send in the stormtroopers to take over the local radio and TV stations, and shut down the local paper).

  10. I’ve been following both you and Cody for years, and have enjoyed the different perspectives you each bring to prepping and homesteading. Was glad to hear the excellent interview and to note that you both hit it off. It resulted in a very positive experience for me, and from the comments, for many other TSPers.

  11. I came over from Cody’s channel, great interview you would have thought you guys knew each other for years. It’s always nice to find a good Podcast I live in one talk radio station land.