Episode-1234 – Women of Prepping Episode 8 — 8 Comments

  1. i really enjoy this series. its really nice to get a womans perspective on prepping.

    in continuing with this theme i would like to make a suggestion for a show topic. how bout “blacks of prepping” its much more rare to find a black prepper than a female prepper. i would very much enjoy hearing about the challenges faced by black folks when it comes to prepping.


    • I would broaden that out – maybe minorities of prepping – or maybe like how Paul Wheaton describes himself as deviating from the deviants.

      And of course, if you Fred are a minority, you should fill out the guest form!

  2. That was a delightful interview – especially the portion about the chickens and the geese. 🙂

  3. Nice show. She’s a hardcore prepper. If I asked my wife to move into a 350 sqf house with no running water she’d tell me to have fun and come visit her from time to time, and we don’t even have kids. I love the geese stories. I have not tried them yet but I plan to when I get home full time.

  4. A very nice podcast!

    My own method to get my husband on board was to talk about supplies for power failures. Also, whenever we had a big project going and I was too busy to cook he would say “what do you want me to get for dinner?”. And, I would reply “Why don’t I open a couple of cans from the preps instead, unless you WANT to go out?” After a hard days work of COURSE he did not want to drive to town to get dinner!

    I have canned roast beef, rice, and many other good things to eat.

    My husband is now a prepper. I cannot take full credit because there are a couple of other fathers of Boy Scouts that prep and so he gets some moral support there, but having a good meal when things were busy at home helped a LOT! I think that is something that every non-prepping spouse would appreciate: I heard about one lady who broke out bottles of wine and salami and crackers when the power went out! Her husband stopped laughing at that point!

    Since I have covered the food, my husband has gotten us a water filter, a kerosene heater, and jugs of water. He has also volunteered to till up enough land to expand the garden next year. He for sure no longer laughs!

  5. I wanted to respond about the earth bag home Mrs. Stone mentioned. That sounds like an awesome idea for the area you live in. I would like to throw out the name of something we had in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hesco barriers were used to form walls for protection. I don’t know the cost of these items, but it may be a good idea to look into the mass of each vs the cost.

    It is awesome that you could make the change. I have to agree with Dave above. My wife would disown me is I tried that.

  6. This was a great interview. Jack clearly enjoyed it.

    It reminded me of my own interview (I was #7) but I didn’t get into some of the hardships because there were so many things to talk about. Being off-grid my biggest challenge has been refrigeration, though here in Vermont it’s not terrible for half the year.

    I hope you’ll consider roof water catchment for at least half the year.