Episode-1162- Women of Prepping Series Episode 6 — 13 Comments

  1. Jack:

    Go to Super HEB they sell organic Greek and Australian yogurt in both regular and non-fat but you have to buy a 32 oz container.

    Thanks for all you do!

  2. Thanks, great info as usual, a lot of things that I’m working on.
    My situation is similar as to having difficulty getting the family to except different foods then what they are used to and the whole prepping issue. It’s been a very slow process trying to find things that they will try and hopefully like. Very slowly they are beginning to see the benefits but are still having a hard time breaking the chains of addiction to the modern lifestyle. I think trying to be understanding and realizing that we are asking them to go against basically everything they have seen and heard is not easy, but love them enough to try.

  3. I’m going to make the process of making yogurt even simpler. It’s how I’ve been doing it for a couple of years. It works with RAW milk, and may work (I find it does) with healthy, low-temp pasteurized grass-fed milk. (By “work” I mean you won’t end up with food poisoning. 😉 )

    Fill a quart jar almost all the way with raw milk. Add at least 1/4 cup yogurt for starter. Shake to mix. Incubate 24 hours. Eat. (I have and use an Excalibur; Nicole’s oven method will work, as will sticking the jars outside on a 100-degree summer day.). I never pre-heat the milk, and it ferments great.

    RE butter: Great for improving brain function, but a couple teaspoons a day won’t do it. Make it 1/2 stick or more. Awesome source of iodine and vitamin A, too. (If you drink whole milk, you can count some of that cream toward the butter consumption.)

  4. The Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is an excellent place to meet like minded people without advertising “survivalist” to the world. Now, they have people from all walks of life, from all sorts of political pursuasions and motivations, and that is good. I am a member of the first WAPF chapter, which inspired Sally Fallon to start the movement. WAPF is now worldwide with 3000+ chapters. My local prepper group formed from it and, even if you don’t form a group you will have that valuable network, resource and friends to share projects and skills with. (I drove past my raw milk dealer when listening to this podcast!)

    Emily – that is a great point about butter and the brain! I add UNSALTED grass-fed butter (Kerrygold) to my coffee, much better than cream, and MCT oil (made from coconuts). The guy who invented e-commerce concocted it and should be a guest on this show: When I have a busy day, I’ll just drink butter in coffee! It’s good, really, try it!

    On dentistry, I used to be urged to get surgery on my gums (very painful) or my teeth will fall out. This started about 17 years ago. My last trip to the dentist, the dental hygenist took 3 times as long to clean my teeth because she was asking me questions and how my gums are growing back to fix the gum erosion!

  5. Fellow GAPS/Paleo here. We have many food and immunity issues. We have no choice but to eat this way, which makes prepping harder. I can’t rely on beans and rice since we can’t eat them. So I will be canning large amounts of meat and veggies this year from my garden. My questions. I use the cooler method for my yogurt but it ends up so runny lately that I can’t even strain out the whey. I purchased new starter. Have any of you tried using gelatin (which is really good for you) to thicken or do you have other solutions? An Excalibur is on the want list but not financed yet. Also, my fermented cabbage has had a ‘funky’ taste lately and I can’t seem to figure out why. It goes from not being quite done to nasty. I have moved it to the basement thinking it was to hot up in the kitchen but it still did it. I know there are ideal temps for fermenting. Lastly, I noticed she was using the new handy fermenting tools (not the traditional crock). Can you explain what this is supposed to do to the nutrition of the ferment? Thanks! PS I enjoyed her blog since I am also a fellow Charlotte Mason fan…ie…homeschooler that loves ‘living books’.

  6. @macwa: Someone told me temp needs to be below 75 F to ferment sauerkraut. Don’t know why it wouldn’t work in basement – not enough salt? juices not pressed out enough? I use a crock, no problems with it.

    If you let yogurt sit long enough, the curds and whey will automatically separate and the whey easily strained off. You shouldn’t need a thickener to do that. HTH.

    • Thanks. Does humidity have an effect on fermenting. We have gone on 6 days at about 90-95 outside with 90% humidity. The house is pretty hot and humid now. Maybe I will increase the salt and see what happens. On the yogurt, maybe I am not letting it ferment long enough…I will try longer and see.

      • Dang, maybe I shouldn’t be trying to tell people how to make sauerkraut. I consistently make ALL THREE mistakes discussed in this blog post:

        Guess I need to go back to using a glass container with plastic wrap and rubber band to keep out the O2, like I used to. But I still get mold on the top! (and what I am gonna do with the crocks, then?) *sigh*

        Found that post trying to find out about humidity and fermentation. In another article somebody wrote that higher humidity decreases fermentation time, but I don’t think that should make the kraut go bad.

        If you’re putting the right amount of salt in per the recipe, you probably don’t need to increase it. My first few bunches went bad until I started using a food processor to chop it up real fine, I think b/c it’s easier to get the juices out. So maybe you need to be careful of temp and being sure to grate/chop the cabbage as finely as you can?

  7. GREAT GREAT show. I started researching my issues as I’m rapidly approaching 60 and NO diet ..not even paleo…is helping with my weight. I stick with paleo as I feel it is a healthier diet choice over all. I am allergic to gluten so those issues create other problems. The probiotics (fresh refrigerated) have helped me tremendously. I have to share my keifer with my hens. It is their favorite treat. I look forward to fermenting this year. Nicole has encouraged me to work harder to get set up in that direction. I hope that eventually my weight loss issue will be something I can at finally have some control over.

    Jack is very correct…once you get away from the artificial foods that when you eat them they taste horrible!! I had made kale chips with nutritional yeast and Japanese soy. They were delicious!! When I shared these with friends they were running for the bathroom to get the toothbrush and scrape the taste off their tongue!! LOL Hey…more for me!!!! 🙂