Episode-1107- Women of Prepping Series Episode One — 16 Comments

  1. Jack,. great show as always. However I wanted to share a few things with you and the audience in general, Here in the Pacific Northwest, while my current state and the one to the north are not quite up for the Naughty list, it is a work in progress. Anyway There is a chain of stores around here called Bi mart. 5 bucks for a life time membership. There were several notices as to a limit on ammunition like two boxes of any one caliber and no more than 2 firearms in separate calibers for any one person for one purchase in a single day. Most shelves were empty, noted mostly were the lack of Rifle ammo, above .22 caliber and very few 12 gauge munitions other than bird shot, almost no slugs, and the like.

    Additionally I found that there was a lack of Psyllium and how this was delaying delivery of Metamucil. Not that I use it, however there are alot of folks who do.

    Just a few observations, noted, Thought to share, Keep up the good work.

  2. Karen you go girl. Loved the interview.

    My hubby was not on board at all in the beginning. So much so he would undo the stuff I had done. Talk about WW3.

    Now it’s a new story he will talk about things. He will even talk to other people about prepping. Cracks me up every time he talks like he has done this forever. lol. He even will come home and ask me if I heard the podcast. It’s like a race to see if he can tell me about it before I listen. LOL There are times when he will drift and loose sight of what is really important but I guess we can all do that from time to time. Things are so so much better now. Maybe sometimes not as good as I would like but doable.

    All I can say to those who have the same challenge is never give up. Keep going keep doing. Cracks me up running around the house screaming & oh yeah duh the key is in my pocket.

    Can’t wait to hear more shows like this one. Nice to hear from and about just everyday people.

    Which reminds me show 1000 video?

  3. What a FUN episode. I smiled, I laughed, I had a GREAT time. Thanks Karen, thanks Jack and thanks to the women who said “hey…interview us too!!”

    Really needed this one. Things are so heavy right now. It felt great to laugh.

  4. Excellent idea for a series. Maybe my family will see me as marginally less crazy for prepping, after hearing this episode.

  5. It’s true, it WAS a fun interview, and I think you had a good time, too, didn’t you, Jack? I know lots of lady preppers, but only a few men who don’t belong to those women. Everybody knows that man who just wants his guns, and that’s enough, but who’s wife is storing food and such behind his back. I’ve invited many people to this show and who now are participating strongly. I am an elderly single woman, who serves as a resource for several families, and I bet there are more like me. Being a hermit, I don’t think I could do an interview, but would really like to hear from more ladies. A couple of weeks ago, I entertained ten young adults from N.C. who wanted to help me with developing a food forest. I had them dig the trenches for the woody beds and plant trees. They loved it so much the staff members from that training center said they’d like to come back about every ten weeks with a new group to teach them about permaculture and other survival skills. At the end of the day, they had planted twenty five trees, besides putting logs in the trenches, and then I gave a demo and samples of homemade dehydrated foods. They were blown away, these overly nurtured city dwellers. I’m looking forward to the next team who will learn to be more self sufficient and aware of foraging practices. Thanks for the fun, Karen. Loved the stories.

  6. Jack, like Aayla I’m an older single lady prepping on my own and it’s good to know women are taking self sufficiency seriously. What’s funny to me is that back in the 60’s and 70’s we didn’t consider it prepping but self reliance. Now here we are 40 years down the pike sharing what we learned by trial and error to an entire generation wanting to know how it’s done.

    Keep spreading the good word folks, we’re getting through.

  7. Karen was a blast. Incidently…Pine Bush is where folks “wished they had moved” after settling elsewhere in Orange Co. There’s a lot less of everything, but there are much larger properties, with some very nice houses for very little $, by N.Y. standards.
    Have a great week…ya kooks!

  8. The birth of our last son was premature (32 weeks) and he spend 5 weeks in the hospital, but fortunately for us he has been very healthy since then, now 16 months old, and did not have the complications that Karen’s child sadly experienced. For us family/community was more immediately important in this scenario than stored food, back up energy, etc., since my wife had a c-section and could not drive. Also, I had 2.5 months of paid vacation saved up, as well as some additional sick days, which was good to have it you can acheive that in your current job.

  9. I recently researched a piece of land in Pine Bush, but i don’t know if I want to buy in NY, but it is close enough to home and family to act as a Bug out/getaway location in the meantime i.e. while I still slave away for the man so I’ll have to see if I really want to stay deal with the oppressive NY “overlords”.

    Enjoyed the interview.

  10. LI country boy come on up. Just FYI live on the Uster County side it is much cheaper.

  11. I’ll admit it, I like nice things, I like stuff. I enjoyed the show (as with all TSP episodes) but bashing anyone that owns furniture newer than the 1970’s doesn’t fly with me. I think you did make the point though that we should know where we spend our money and not go into debt buying things to which I whole heartedly agree.

    I bought my first house last year and I know exactly how much I have spent buying new things for it, I also didn’t borrow a dime to do it.
    Here’s how I justify buying nice things that will be useless in the apocalypse:

    1. Don’t borrow to buy them
    2. Don’t forget to enjoy life now! As opposed to recounting my ammo and cans of beans on weekends a $3,000 trip for 2 to Turkey is a great way to spend money I budgeted for all year, talk about an experience we’ll remember for a lifetime!
    3. Balance spending on “frivolous” stuff like professionally installed window treatments with an equal purchase in prepping.

    I found #3 really puts things in perspective, if I can spend $1,500 on blinds then I sure as heck can spend the same on some Wise food buckets and a primitive survival skills course.

    I’m sure people will write me off as a stupid materialist but my point is if it is in your means and you are taking care of your preps there is nothing wrong with an iPad if it makes you happy.

    • Get your panties out of a wad, that was her choice to live that way based on HER MEANS, no one bashed anyone. Where is the hell did you even get that? Are you a a teacup kid or what man, LOL.

    • Nothing is in a wad over here, maybe I misunderstood her. It just seems to be a recurring theme on the show and in books of the survival genre that the best way to say someone is stupid is to point out they drive a new car.

      I see a lot of people in the prepper community that are so busy funneling everything into doomsday preps that they don’t enjoy other opportunities in life that once bad times hit won’t be an option anymore.

      I definitely commend her for living in her means and getting out of debt all while bringing along a reluctant spouse.

      Tea cup kid? No. Combat veteran and longtime prepper with his own point of view? Yes.

      • That isn’t anything she or I said. It was only how she was working to be debt free and what it required of her to get it done. You sound way too sensitive on this issue, seems like a personal problem to me.

        • I’ve been wrong about things before and I’ve come to trust your judgement so I’ll definitely take a hard look at my opinion on this. Who knows, maybe I am too sensitive!

  12. First off…..thank you Jack (aka “Stu”) for having my back. Second thank you Doug for your service.

    Now let me set the record straight, Doug first off I do like the finer things in life (that’s were the word Diva comes in). My debt came from several “bad” moves and my son’s special needs. If we didn’t have savings our debt would have triple or more!

    I gave away my furniture when we moved thinking I would buy new after we were settled, well things happened and well the 70’s furniture was given to us so that’s why we have it. I have visions of NEW plush comfortable furniture.

    Plus there is NO way in heck I would use any type of military type BOB! Nope not me!

    Right now those finer things can wait for me.

    BTW Doug do know any companies that sell shiny pink guns because I am in the market.