Episode-1334- Of Wolves and Liberty — 36 Comments

  1. Funny you mention the Briton thing, I was just thinking we’ve been basically a vassal of the UK since post civil war America. Between the banking entanglements and us fighting every damned war they get themselves into….

  2. I haven’t listened to the show yet but now I can’t get Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like The Wolf” out of my mind, LOL!

  3. The one thought I have that is usually mixed in with similar thoughts in the vein of the 2 paragraphs that stoked this episode is that we are in a tech arms race with those who aim to control. This tech could actually lead (way out in the future) to an organic anarchic society, if not world. Though I think the more likely outcome is a mix of 1984 and BNW. I will not die, knowing that I did not fight against my spawn being being left in this digital panopticon. Fight first on the field of ideas, then in open defiance of unjust rules, and if I must with arms.

  4. Jack I was listening to yesterday’s show and you were talking about building things that last a long time.

    It reminded me of a book. I just read by William. Logan Bryant, “Oak”. A lot of interesting and good info in that book.

    Then on NPR I heard about an old cherry in Japan that is believed to be over 1200 years old and some seeds from it were sent to space.

    Good stuff out there.

  5. we just heard on the news that mountain west power (Pacific Power Co. out of Oregon) is going to fine a fee to anyone who installs an “off the grid” source of power, such as wind power or solar panels. Isn’t that just wonderful that the government wants us to use enviro. friendly power, but the power companies are going to discourage it?

  6. Because I just watched it and this episode is about wolves. There is a great, short, video out there about How Wolves Change Rivers. About how re-introduced wolves at Yellowstone actually changed the river structure. “…as soon as the wolves arrived, even though they were few in number, they started to have the most remarkable effects…”-narrator dude How Wolves Change Rivers

  7. While not a panacea, one good event to invite friends, neighbors and family to is a 2-day Project Appleseed ( While many attend for the rifle instruction, which is excellent, it’s primary goal is to teach shooters about the foundations of our liberty. People of any age may attend and at the last event I attended 6 of 28 shooters were women, and 5 were children or youth. The instructors are highly-trained volunteers and it is very affordable ($60.00 plus range fees for 2 days). Even long-time shooters learn a lot (at one event a SWAT team attended and not one earned a “Rifleman” badge). What I took away is how very similar political and societal conditions were in 1775 to what we are experiencing today. At the very least you will walk away with better rifle skills and information about the birth of our liberties you never heard in school (and our children are not being taught at all any more).


    • As an Appleseed instructor, I second your suggestion. An Appleseed weekend is a super family-friendly way to learn a little about the founding of our nation and the skills it takes to be a rifleman: perseverance, determination, and self-reliance. Make enough riflemen (and women!), and we might have a shot at saving our country.

    • I took this route. I took extended family to an event in Ramsure and it was fantastic.

  8. The audio that you played today, really reminded me of a video i watched not long ago called The Wolves of Chernobyl. Besides all the talk about the radioactivity. The abundance that is created due to the animals and systems working on their own is amazing.

    • cooper,

      I recently saw “The Wolves of Chernobyl” as well and was also instantly reminded of it while listening to the show. A very interesting documentary, though not quite as lyrical as this one.

      What I found interesting about “How Wolves Changed the River” however is that it’s just as gripping and inspiring in its audio format as Jack presented it was watching it. I was able to imagine what was occurring simply by hearing the audio and found it’s message just as engaging, perhaps more so, as I did watching it (perhaps because it also reminded me of Geoff Lawton in the delivery).

      But I also liked Jack’s interpretation of the message too: live like a wolf. Do your own thing — live your own life — regardless of what is going on around you, and you can still have a profound impact on the world. Really inspiring stuff.

      As much as I’ve come to enjoy Jack’s shows about permaculture (I was rather resistant at first; you broke me down, man!), I’ve found this week’s shows to be a pretty inspiring and rousing roster of topics. Sometimes Jack can wax poetic when he gets into a groove, and I’m finding that to be the case this week, and the “Wolves” show is another example of that, but also a lesson we can all learn from.


  9. I think that voting can help save this country. If we elect a Republican to the presidency in an instant everything that Obama is doing that the press has been silent on will suddenly become an intolerable government intrusion. All of the spying and IRS audits and bureau militarization will suddenly make front line news. Who cares right? How will that help? I admit it that the republicans have the same goal of an overbearing gov’t. I think that the press scrutiny of a republican will slow things down enough so that people who are just waking up to these abuses will have time to prepare. I have recently woken up and realized how screwed I am if something were to happen today. It may take a year or more just to be able to last 3 months. If we can use the press to slow the infection we may be able to buy some more time. Just my rambling 2 cents.

    • The press didn’t do shit when Bush installed all the systems that Obama is currently using. I know you want to believe that voting at present time can change things, I’d like to believe it as well. I would also like to believe that I am gonna win the lottery, that the Easter Bunny is coming to see my grandson and the tooth fairy really does replace teeth with silver dollars.

      The whole “slow down the progress” argument is old and proven so many times to be false that we need to stop having it. The ______s are driving the car at 90MPH directly toward the cliff but the _______s are only doing 60MPH and approaching the cliff at an angle.

      BULLSHIT! The people in charge are all going to the same place as fast as they can get there.

      Sure the press was hard on Bush about Gitmo, but it didn’t do shit did it? They were harsh on him about the wars, it didn’t slow down shit. They sort of kind of made a deal in a tiny ass weak ass way about the patriot act, didn’t do shit. Of course the right wing talking heads DEFENDED IT and now they bitch about the consequences.

      It doesn’t matter if the left or right foot is currently in front, the only thing that matters is the cadence and direction of the march.

  10. I want to be the devils advocate here. I am all for liberty but let’s get real, the time frame we live in is a time of nation states, ruled by the elite, to serve their own interests. Do we think they are going to roll over and play dead? When TSHTF, how will be in charge after that? Am I wrong here, but don’t those that are the most organized and have control of law enforcement or military continey to rule? Or gangs, let’s look around us, what is happening in other countries when there ruling bodies collapse, can’t see the light at end of tunnel unless we from groups that protect our interests, please show me some examples of liberty at work against tbe masses, my 2 cents.

    • And that was the point, you can’t fight that battle there way. You have to turn the tide at the individual level. People have to again be human beings, not sheep, hell not sheep dogs, PEOPLE.

      There is no solution inside the system. None!

  11. I was not trying to say that the republicans policies and actions will save the nation. I was just hoping that the assault by the press on the repubs would just buy us recently awake some time. I guess the danger in my argument is that if a repub gets in charge some of the recently awake will go back to sleep think everything is okay since their guy is in charge now.

    I just need to float these grand ideas in my head out there for some reality checks. Reality has been checked and think I will put more effort into getting ready.

  12. Good show. Your style sometimes is hard for me, Jack, but what keeps me coming back is the fact that I’m always impressed about what a sincere/nice/fair guy you strive to be. (I mean this as a compliment.)

    However, I just keep having this thought run through my head….

    “Y’all know what happens to wolves when the government decides there are too many, don’t ya?”

    Living within an hour’s drive of the Idaho border, I’m aware of the whole wolf-killing thing happening there. (Not looking to start debates about this…I’m drawing an analogy here.) More than 1,000 wolves have been killed in the last few years, and the Idaho government just dedicated $400,000 toward killing more (the governor sought to spend much more than that).

    Wolves can be dangerous. They are not easily controlled and their way of life can threaten those with a different lifestyle who have property to defend. This, of course, calls for the government to step in and protect “the people”. Or so the reasoning goes.

    Y’all be careful out there.

  13. Jack, this show was great. Thanks man, I have already shared it with many friends.

    `Now this is the Law of the Jungle—as old and true as the sky;

    And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.

    As the creeper that girdles the tree-trunk, the Law runneth forward and back-

    For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”
    Rudyard Kipling “The Law of the Jungle”

  14. Haven’t listened yet, but really looking forward to the show. Really need this today after having the same thoughts as the person whose email sparked this show.

    I too am trying to fight back by using my own homestead and not asking for permission. The whole “don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness later” is a bunch of BS. BS I used to believe. Not anymore.

    It’s my house, it’s my land, it’s my life. I will not apologize for my actions, my decisions or my opinions as long as I am not infringing on the rights of others. I will not back down. I will fight for what I believe in.

    Sometimes I get discouraged and sometimes I start to lose hope, especially living in the People’s Republic of IL (Central, not Chicago). When that happens, I hear your voice telling me that the revolution is me. It’s a peaceful one, but it’s still a revolution.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement and thanks for doing this show. I know it will be a good one.

    • Actually I don’t like beg forgiveness, I have changed the saying for my use to.

      Don’t ask for permission and defend what you did as right later.

      One only should ask forgiveness when one is wrong.

    • Melissa

      I am in Illinois as well, and our current circumstances are not allowing us to leave just yet. This state makes me sick, but I really don’t care anymore. I am just trying everyday to improve our lives and make sure my family is headed in the right direction.

      To everyone else, don’t forget about some of us still stuck behind enemy lines!!

      • Jack, I like the change you made to that saying and I’m adopting it for my own use. Thanks!

        Nick, there are so many people in this state in my community alone who are either on the path or heading in that direction. I don’t have any hope for the state or federal government, but it is comforting that we are waking up to reality. We won’t be leaving anytime soon…all our family, including extended, lives here and we’ve got two young boys…but we are keeping our options open so that if we have to, we can cut and run.

  15. Most excellent show jack!

    I do know one family that said “I don’t think I will let you arrest me today.” They as a group held their ground willing to die rather than accept a trip to court where the maji would work magic against law and reason. The courts once said the test to proove if your belief is constitution protected faith or preference is weather there is ANY reason you might change yor beleif. These people refused to give and it basically boiled down to the fact that lives would be lost on both sides and not worth presuing a BS charge where no injured person or property existed. Because of their choice they are locked out of the systems and have to exist in the systems they put in place, because to travel is to risk arrest. I don’t think even 1% of people in this country are willing to give up convenient life much less be the wolf and life life as what you are, fighting to the death over the right to choose your own path. Until the gov is unbearable and people are not wages slaves to debt, having lost all, I can’t see anything changing. I also believe they will shoot the wolves.

    The only hope is to step out of their systems, do what is right without asking permission or reguarding any bad law and build our own systems of support and living peaceful quite lives.

    If you give any at all, you get systematically removed from your power and placed under control . Its funny but they always tell you its alright its just a small thing just step over here. Then they commit violence against you.

    People its time to stop being afraid. Don’t give an inch. Live or die. Don’t pay the theifs their traffic fines either; be willing to sit it out in jail for couple days, so that it only cost them. If you cant afford the time off work to do that then you can’t afford liberty. Tell the false judge the truth on record even if you get a night in jail. If you cant face off the injustice where no crime had been commited how will you face the real issues?

    Sign up for every hand out and anything that runs this system into the ground faster. Make them pay money until the tax burdens crushes the zombie masses and it gets changed of falls apart.

  16. Jack

    One of your top 5 episodes ever. As I am struggling to break my shackles and create a new life for my family this episode really helped me refine my thinking. I am finding stepping towards freedom can be a little lonely. So much of what I have done all my life and people who no longer fit in is a bit daunting at times. I can finally see the sun beginning to rise and I am excited to see what the future holds, and what people I will meet. You really have been stepping up your game and the show is really strong right now. Keep it up, I am proud of you.

  17. Around 38:20 Jack mentioned that the British were managing an empire by proxy using the USA. Can someone clarify what he means by this?

  18. Getting caught up on the podcast and listened to this one today. Great show! I wish more people would start thinking this way. Do something! It doesn’t matter what it is just do it. Learn something new and then do it. It’s addictive. If you fail learn from your mistakes and then carry on. We’ve got the ant, now it’s time for the wolf. Jack, I think it’s time for a new t-shirt or a coin. On the front it should read “Be a wolf” on the back it should read “Join the pack”.

  19. Yes, these words moved me, and I am quite along the way of doing things for myself and not asking for permission. I had the outdoor speakers on today, while hand prepping my twenty raised beds, Jack’s voice was booming over the North Shore of Prince Edward Island. None of the seasonals have arrived yet, so I am the only person on the road, 1.2km from pavement. Planting spinach and radish in these cool early days of spring. Tick Tock, Tick, Tock

  20. Greetings All,
    I watched the Wolf video. My take on it, is that no one would have thought the wolves returning would change the river, the two are so “disconnected” and “remote”. Suppose something small, and “remote” goes wrong, something “disconnected” from our support systems and our “river” changes.

    Years ago I saw a documentary about a frog that lived in the old growth forest near Mt. St. Hellen. We had to protect the old growth forest to save the frog. Mt. St. Hellen did not get the message! The frog flourished when the forest was blown away because its preditors were gone.

    The point is, relationships are not understood nor are they “seen”.

  21. How to convert people (the permaculture explanation) 😉

    You don’t know what will ‘take’ in a persons particular mental soil so..

    Broadcast some seeds (memes).

    Observe to see what takes root, and what dies without sprouting.

    Intentionally plant more of the seeds that took root.

    Lovingly nurture those liberty seedlings until they have firmly taken root. Don’t stomp angrily around those seedlings, or you may accidentally crush them and compact the soil so nothing else can grow. (avoid anger/fear in the garden)

  22. Love the show,

    I laughed out loud, “if you had a factory killing puppies with a giant club wheel spinning around and they’re throwing puppies in there killing puppies left and right.”
    Oh my God that was hilarious. Thank you Jack, I needed that laugh.