Episode-2390- Blair Wirkkala on CBD Oil and the Endocannabinoid System — 2 Comments

  1. The most comprehensive episode on CBD and some periphery thus far.  Thanks!

    Did I hear correctly from elsewhere that there’s a legal CBD dispensary market in TX, or something to that effect.

  2. At this point Hemp Derived CBD is legal in all 50 states unless some specific local law forbids it or forbids some form of it. For instance as I understand it NC now says you can’t put CBD in an edible, cuz you know, um, well I don’t understand why but it is what they did.

    So now you can come to a store in NC and buy gumdrops and buy CBD oil and you can inject your gumdrop if you want to but I can’t do it for you and sell it to you that way.

    As to Texas CBD is all over, the Veterans Bev Comp I did in San Antone had CBD vendors about every 7th table of the exhibit. The fish store I really enjoy shopping at has a CBD store right between it and an amazing burger joint.

    My nephew in Nebraska though says cops are fucking retarded about the entire thing up there. They act as if weed is PCB, rolled in heroin, injected with LSD and laced with cocaine. First thing they do when they pull a kid over, “you got any weed in the car, the car smells like weed, we need to search the car”.

    If the kids complies and say they find CBD they start threatening them, where did you get it, we are going to test it, etc. If they do test it and it comes up .0001% over the federal minimum they cite the kid for possession. The way he described it made them sound like fucking psyco nazis. And my nephew is not the kind of kid that exaggerates or gets easily offended.

    He is incredibly pro LEO as the man he loves most (his dad) is the LT on Grand Prairie PD I mention time to time. So these cops must be totally over the top on this.

    Translation until some sanity enters this market you mileage by location will vary.