Episode-81- Winter is for Gardening Part One — 15 Comments

  1. +1, 2:46 on itunes too. Can’t wait to hear the whole show though, keep up the great work Jack, thanks!

  2. Pod cast isn’t but 2 minutes and 45 seconds but looked a the links. First question I wonder if OPRAH is going to appreciate the redistribution of her millions?

  3. Something clearly went wrong with today’s upload. I have re uploaded the file and it is all there now. You may have to clear your cache or restart your PC to get the new episode if the audio was cashed to your browser.

  4. Love the gardening tips, did my first garden this year, lots of research, lots of work and tons of fun.
    I think we saved at least $200 this year on food. More will be added to that as we begin to eat the canned foods that we got out of it.
    I will be putting in a few raised beds this year to try it out. Thanks for the tips. I am loving this podcast. It is the only one that I listen to each day.

  5. To save a bunch of money on row houses there is another trick you can do. Buy yourself some fiberglass tent poles and some clear painters plastic drop cloth.

    When you construct your beds install rings on each of the sides (length wise). Make sure you have the ability to crossbar at least two poles (like your popup tent crosses the bars). Then at any time you can comeout and install N number of these tent poles and cover that with cheap plastic tarps.

    There you have a row house for far cheaper than you could buy that kit. Use bricks, sand bags, whatever to anchor the tarp.

    Another thing you can do is get a 2 liter bottle. Fill it 3/4 of the way with hot tap water. Then place that under the tarp over night. It will help keep the enclosed area warm. Old Milk jugs work too.

  6. Great show – again!
    Thaks to you (a link), I found my Endive seed location. Been looking for them for ages. (It’s really hard to even find Endives here – only one store in the area carries it.)

  7. Hi, Jack:

    I’ve been enjoying your podcasts a great deal… and greatly admire anyone who can produce worthwhile content as frequently and diligently as you!

    However, there’s one area in which I think you’ve been misinformed… or perhaps choose to misinform yourself. I do recognise that a conservative / libertarian political stance tends to dominate modern survivalism in the United States, for historical reasons that we need not go into here. (I should add, before I go on, that I do not directly have a dog in this fight, so to speak – I am a New Zealand and Canadian citizen). But characterising Fox news as “centrist” and the majority of the rest of the mainstream media as “left wing” does a grave disservice to both terms… similarly, your characterisation of the Republican and Democrat parties as representing “right” and “left” respectively.

    From an internetional standpoint, BOTH parties, and the policies they represent, are right-wing. Fox News is among the most right-wing media outlets on earth, short of those owned completely by the government in other countries as organs of state propaganda. Certainly there’s no mass media outlets in the US that compare to the political spectrum of newspapers in Europe.

    Second, it is distressing that the very same tactic which you correctly, honestly, and forthrightly point out you were duped by regarding the Biden interview was used in the editing of the 2001 radio interview. That is, Senator Obama’s words are mischaracterised, used out of context, and edited short. You cannot, to my mind, take pride in avoiding one piece of journalistic hoodwinking and then retain that pride while falling prey to the same thing, done in the same way, days or even hours later. The full, unedited radio interview is available online – in short, Senator Obama is NOT talking about the redistribution of wealth by the government, or from the legislative bench, but striving for equality (financial and otherwise) through community organisation and activation. ABC, amoung other mainstream media outlets, have debunked the claims of McCain / Palin in this regard.

    Again, I have no dog in this fight. I am, along with the majority of the world’s population, appalled at the tenor that the US presidential campaign has taken from the Republican side – a near-constant message of hate, fear, and divisiveness – and the distorted ideological grip it has taken on the minds of its adherents. I have agreed with the vast bulk of your views on your podcast, will respect your political beliefs, and understand that, as you stated, some political fervor is inevitable as election day gets closer in the United States. But if I respect your work, it behooves me to correct misapprehensions or misrepresentations, even as a foreigner.

    Please keep up the good work, and I look forward to more podcasts!

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  9. Dudley Storey,

    I’m not the most fluent of writer’s, but I have to comment on what you wrote. This statement that you typed “Senator Obama is NOT talking about the redistribution of wealth by the government, or from the legislative bench, but striving for equality (financial and otherwise) through community organisation and activation” means absolutely CRAP to me.

    I don’t know what it’s like in New Zealand, but where I have been raised(Oregon) we have a real strong sense of community. And growing up here, the only examples my community( a Logging community) have taught me is from following the examples of the my Dad and the men I have grown up around. These men are steel and to become a man of steel like them you have to be sharpened by the steel in them. In my community to become “finacially equal” as you so eloquently put it, you get up at 0 dark 30 and you come home at 0 dark 30 after a hard day of “WORK”.

    NOT THROUGH “ORGANIZATION” as you are so politically trying to be. The financial equality FOR ME comes from the money I put in my pocket by the WORK I perform. It makes me sick to see everyone with their hand sticking out and begging for the government or community or organizations to make them “EQUAL”.

  10. @Bailey

    You stated in your opening, “I’m not the most fluent of writer’s” and indeed you have some technical writing limitations (as do I).

    That said I found your words above beyond fluent, I hear a voice of passion and disgust with the concepts of throwing away 250 years of proud history that made our nation what it is today to make everyone “equal” by taking from producers in order to give to consumers.

    In other words, right on brother!


    I think if you talk to the majority of working Americans you will get the same message. Some will be more politically correct and some will be more aggressive but in the end most hard working Americans believe that you work for what you get and to get something for nothing is simply un-American.

    Unfortunately we have 40% of the society that will vote democrat and another 40% that will vote republican even if a dog was running. This leaves the 20% of the mussy middle to decide the election. That 20% (many of our youth with entitlement attitudes created by having everything handed to them by the efforts of the prior generation) will put a hand out and wait for the free stuff.

  11. Dudley Storey, I think you should read this Vonnegut Story:

    This illustrates perfectly the problem I have with the idea of “striving for equality (financial and otherwise) through community organisation and activation.”

    We hear the word “equality” and many people think, “Yeah, equality! That would be great! Let’s do it!” Yes, the *theory* of equality *sounds* good. But, in practice, it’s the worst thing we can do to the prosperity of a nation/community/whatev.

    Why do I not want equality? Because I want the opportunity to be better than everyone else. To be clear, I do not mean that I think I *am* better than everyone else, or even that I think I ever will be, but (right now, anyway, and I fear the day that this is no longer true) the opportunity is available for me to be better than anyone if my abilities, talent, and ambition are right for it. I don’t want to be equal. I want to be better. With the opportunity to be better comes the risk of being less than others, the risk of failing. I am more than willing to take that risk and know at the end of the day that I am where I am because of what *I* did, not because of any sort of redistribution of success or hand-out.

  12. @Pangie, @ Bailey and Jack,
    You’re points to @Dubley are interesting and good; I might have an insight to his point-of-view though, being a Canadian; I agree with most of Jack’s points of view and all; the issue of equality (from the vantage point of society, looking Canada and New Zealand (there are strong similarities in how each country operates)) is not one (I suggest) of forcibly making people the same; but bringing all up to a common level of sufficiency to live (maybe not a great living, but enough to survive on) through wise use of government funds. Yes, both NZ and CA are generally seen as social democracies; but I would hazard a suggestion that @Dudley might have been meaning equality on a community level, not a national one. At the national level, you run the risk of bankrupting society, whereas on the community level, you can focus more on the individual efforts to improve things (whether that be job retraining facilities, supportive housing, etc.).

    Also, @Pangie, I think you’re taking the idea of @Dudley’s point too far with the reference to Vonnegut’s work. We are far from that in many ways, and should we slide towards such an abyss of society as that, we should fight it (as Jack has suggested in a way, for Americans to recapture your rights to freedom and all that have been whittled away at over the years and to recapture the essence of the US constitution as it was written).

    As always Jack, thank you for the great podcast and for provoking thought in all; whether we agree with you wholly or in part.

  13. “Distribution of wealth”, “Financial equality”. Hmmm. Fairy tale!

    I will EARN approximately $11,000.oo this year at my part-time job. (I live in a very depressed area of the state where we are losing more companies constantly – very few full-time jobs here)
    Would I like more money? You bet I would. BUT I don’t want Obama’s handouts. I am NOT a charity case. I WORK to EARN every penny I recieve. I get my money honestly – what there is of it.

    Am I in favor of Obama’s “Distribution of wealth”? NO! Everyone should EARN whatever they get. It should NOT be taken from someone that did earn it to give to those who want to just sit around and exersize only enough to lift their arm to hold their hand out for that “distributed” wealth.

    Should companies pay their employees fairly? Yes. After all those companies wouldn’t be where they are without the employee. But, if one doesn’t contribute to the companies success, he/she shouldn’t benefit from it’s success. (Except, perhaps, by taking advantage of the lower cost of products by the mass production of that success)

    Work for it. Earn it. Or do without it.