Episode-2526- Time To Plan Winter Garden and Homestead Projects — 3 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, just a hack to make the drainage holes in Solo cups for planting. Don’t drill, use a torch heated nail and melt the holes in a stack of cups. Super easy and faster.

  2. Great episode! Very helpful. I’m going to try adapting and implementing your plan for increased productivity in getting ready for my side hustle, fiber festivals (fiber as in wool, not bran). Starting today.

    I’ll be happy to get the comments rolling on personal plans. One of my big goals for this winter is to get a really good indoor growing system on my unheated porch (faces east and south). I’ve got the hangers and one light, with another on order (bought the last one at the farm store). I’ve got all the planters indoors (a full day’s job), soil and seeds ready.

    I think you could list this episode in the “Half Acre Homestead” series, by the way. That’s also a hint to do another HAH installment! 🙂

  3. My plans:

    stain, seal (caulk) and insulate house (attic and rim joist)

    driveway bars on highest contour of property going to micro swales and zone 1 garden

    permanent half loop greenhouse off east side of shop (has aquaponics and basic tunnel now)

    Zone 1 garden design and completion with wood chips watered by driveway bar

    thanks for making me write them Jack