Win a Free Rock River Arms AR15 Upper Valued at 890 Dollars — 23 Comments

  1. Thanks Jack for putting this together. That is one sweet upper. Winning it would pay back my MSB dues for 17.8 years! Now, that is return on investment.

  2. Hi,
    Unfortunately, in California, we have these gun regulations. Does the gun
    have “an OLL(Off list lower) …a mil-spec one” to be legal in CA?

  3. Thanks for creating the opportunity to win the AR upper, but I must be blind. Where is the “Submit” or “Enter” button on the sign up page?

    • Try using a different browser. I ran into the same issue on my phone, switched over to FireFox (Linux) and it worked fine.

  4. I get an error message on my initial attempt at entry, as follows:
    “Sorry, but this form is limited to one submission per user.”

    Yet this was my first attempt, unless, as a member of the MSB, I am automatically entered (which I don’t think is the case). Is this a known error? Please advise. Thank you.

  5. Thank you for this contest. I liked both pages on facebook as well. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  6. Thanks Jack for all you are doing for our community. This is a much needed addition to the preps. Great stuff. Not part of the MSB yet, but my wife is signing me up for my B-Day this month. Can’t wait!!! “Faithful listener”

  7. Got the same error message. It is my first time trying to enter. I would like to get entered for this.

  8. this upper would go well with my spikes lower.would be very awesome to own.
    also ready made has nice products.

  9. This would ROCK! I even have a lower ready and waiting. It’s kind of lonely without an upper! 🙂

    A huge shout out to Jack for everything!! BTW all, if you get the chance Rock River’s are A++ in quality and support. Order one! They are worth every dime spent!