Win a Free Harvest 72 From — 44 Comments

  1. wordpress isn’t letting you post on their contest right now.. it’s got a reply flood limit on it and it thinks its being met from everyone trying to post on it. Just a heads up. I think I’m going to wait a couple hours. But seriously of course people are going to be liking the heck out of this its one of the “must have” things I’ve had my eye on for awhile now..

  2. I’ve wanted one (or more) of those since I first saw them. Just can’t afford one. (Maybe some day?)

  3. and finally, posted a comment on my Facebook page. I’ve got the perfect spot in the basement for this unit!

  4. Done and thanks for this chance to win, I could not buy one just yet as all my monies go to food supplies, continue the great job your doing supplying all survivalists, thanks.

  5. Thanks for coming up with such great chances for us to win wonderful things.

  6. Just make sure you guys understand you need to be linking up with Shelf Reliance and commenting on their blog to be entered. I appreciate your comments and facebook likes personally but it won’t get you a chance to wind on this contest.

  7. Done!
    The Canadian distributor in Alberta is so backed up, I am told my order will take five weeks. So if would be funny if I won one!!

  8. I liked the facebook page. Verry happy with the consolidator pantry. Way to go TSP!

  9. Love your podcast. signed up for the giveaway on the 72. Have 1 but sure could use another

  10. Signed up for the newsletter. This is my 2nd time to post. First post did not go through.

  11. Posted contest on my Facebook page. This is a great contest. I have been wanting one of these.

  12. I’m all in on this one. 😉
    Thanks for the opportunity & thanks for everything you do Jack!

  13. I NEED this badly! You should see my pantry! It is currently like a baby calf… it SUX!!

  14. Wish I had found you last winter when I was looking for a can storage solution. I finally went to a cardboard set-up, but sure wish I had the studier Harvest Shelf. However, would love to win and have friended on FB and signed up for email. Wish you could give one of these away every month and I could register once to win in any month!!

  15. I just signed up for the Shelf Reliance newsletter and “Liked” Shelf Reliance on Facebook

  16. I already “like” Shelf Reliance on Facebook & receive their newsletter. I’d love to have one these.