Win a Free AR7 Survival Rifle From Ready Made Resources! — 32 Comments

  1. This is really cool. About the AR15 is it going to be open to TSP members who entered into the contest or are you going to open it up to everyone by announcing it on the podcast.

  2. I am assuming, as it is a numbers driven game, we are allowed to sign up only once?

  3. I looked at the AR-7and the Marlin P70SS. Both were good with their own positive features. I like the stowing of all components in the stock of the AR-7 as well as the accuracy & weight at 2.5 lb.

  4. Hey Jack, I unfortunately live the the mammy state of the United Kingdom.

    Could I enter (along with many other brits) on the understanding, if we win the rifle will be sold and the money given to a worthy charity.

    for example the the Ryan’s chair fund, Run by Dave Canterbury on the pathfinder facebook page?

  5. @Nathan sorry bro US residents only as RMR doesn’t really ship to the UK. If we allowed it then it would only pad my numbers in an unfair way.

    @Shorty the form tracks your IP and will only let you enter once.

    @Charles the role of a contest especially the next one where the sponsor is putting up a 850 custom AR upper is to get maximum exposure for the sponsor. So yep these contests are open to any and all. It is also great exposure for the show. I will continue to do stuff on air only though where only a listener could win.

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  7. Nice! 🙂 Entered, shared via FB, Twitter and StumbleUpon and Liked RMR page… thanks for the contest but thank you MORE for the info and resources! <3

  8. Awesome, thanks for the post. I’ll blog about this on Wednesday. I try to not put out too many posts a day and I already slugged two posts out today. Thank god someone finally produced an affordable survival rifle. The only ones I kept seeing at gun shows were three times this cost.

  9. Is there a count of how many entries there have been and how many more we need to get?

  10. @T More not yet, I did ask for a running count today though from RMR. The answer though is we need a LOT. 2500 is a goal the better we do the more I can make Robert pony up down the road.

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  13. I was looking at one of these the other day at my local gun shop with my dad. Hes not even a big shooter and thought it was a “very innovative fire arm”, until I told him it had been around since the 50’s. Anyway, thank you for the chance to win!

  14. Hi Jack, I’ve been a listener and TSP member for a long time now and love the show.
    I’ve owned an AR 7 for 18+ years now and sent many rounds through it and never had a problem with it, very rugged when stowed and a great gun to keep with you at all times. It’s now kept in my BoB with 8 extra clips and ammo.

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  16. I have held one of these rifles in the past and found them quite unique. It would give me great pride to add this fine rifle to my collection.

  17. I mentioned this contest on my blog at over the weekend, and on the blog Facebook page. I’ve had a hankering for an AR7 since I was a kid in the 70’s staring at it in the BEST Products catalog.

    Thanks for working out this great contest with RMR!

  18. Man,I would love to win this. Like a lot of people money is tight but whoever wins thanks to RMR and Jack and congrats to the winner – happy for you but hoping its me ;>

  19. looks like one of the coolest little rifles that i’ve seen in a long time , a must have for a survivalist

  20. saw one of these years ago and always wanted one. alas, other gun purchases got in the way. i still want one. wouldn’t it be great to get one free.

  21. Hoping to know if I won as well. I’m hoping to be shooting beer cans soon.

  22. The rifle was won by “Nurse Brandy” with no further details on her location or surname being released at her request.

    Make sure you take a shot at the Shelf Reliance contest as well before it runs out on Tuesday,

    Additionally, next Monday we will launch another RMR contest for an AR15 Rock River Upper. I am working hard to get you guys two really good prizes each month from here on out.