Episode-1915- Phil Williams on Propaganda, Patriotism and Universal Morality — 7 Comments

  1. I was scanning through the recent episode summaries recently when I think I remember seeing a mention of The future of diesel and why in only a short time it has gone from being referred to asthe low emissions fuel to now being referred to as being the high emissions fuel. I went looking for the eposite today but I can not find it, can anyone remember which eposite number it is in ?

  2. I usually don’t chime in but I have to give my two cents on this one. Fracking isn’t the same as gun ownership. Fracking runs the risk of contaminating the entire community’s ground water as well as depleting the water table. My folks live on property out in the sticks and their entire community is against it. The money gained from fracking on your property doesn’t out way the possible permanent risk to your water supply. You can’t drink money. And long term water may be worth more that gas.

    • This is your opinion, some have the opinion that gun ownership is a risk to the entire community as well.

      I in fact share your opinion about fracking, but that doesn’t mean we are right. I have learned a LOT about this subject and while I will not call it safe it is far less hazardous then I once believed. Did you know the two big documentaries on it are completely fake?

      But you are missing the point here. In this case state law was CLEAR in protecting land owner rights, local law came in and attempted to interfere with state law. When you judge it that way as an actual judge should, whether you like it or not, the state’s constitution is clear. If you want to ban fracking in Texas, you have to do it at the state level, not a town level.

      And what if we set that precedent? You have to think more than feel in a republic.

  3. The attitude of if you don’t like this country than leave it, could be responded with, Is that what our founding fathers and people of our original colonies did when faced with the oppression of the British? And we are being much more oppressed by our current government, much more than most realize.

    • Good point Jeff. From the Declaration of Independence:
      That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government