Will You Be Part of this Awesome Workshop — 5 Comments

  1. I would pay to attend this event by video or live somehow. Live would be better. Could that ever happen?
    Thank you

    • No not really I am sure Nick is working on using this stuff for a earthworks course on video but this actual course, way to complex to just video it all.

  2. Those of you in the Kansas City or surrounding areas, leave a comment/reply if you were thinking about going down to this workshop. Maybe we could work out a carpool to reduce the travel costs.

  3. I’m in. Those of you going, see your there. I look forward to an engaging event! On my way from Ohio not yet decided if I’ll fly in or drive in. Were I to drive, I would be heading over on 40 from Nashville to Little Rock and then south, anyone along the way let me know maybe it’ll make sense for road trip.