Episode-195- Will Survivalism Turn You Into A Libertarian? — 39 Comments

  1. Federal Reserve: A private corperation who creates money out of thin air and puts it into circulation on interest. They do nothing but create a money suply and charge us to use it. So the more the Government borrows the richer the owners of the the federal reserve get. So these trillion dollar “bail outs”, expensive wars and social programs make these asswipes more money.

    They love war, the poor, and all government spending. I is absolutely rediculoust that we put up with this crap. They are theieves of our labor and should be put up on trial, imprisioned and we should return to Constitutional money. Yo can read part of Andrew Jacksons farwell speech about bankers at my blog.

  2. I think it’s way too LATE to consider any CHANCE of SAVING this COUNTRY. The POLITICIANS are VOTING to let ALIENS into the SOCIAL SECURITY program that THEY have NEVER contributed to.
    These ver same people will NOW VOTE as CITIZENS to support those CROOKS who call themselves POLITIANS.
    We have been HOOD WINKED by a group of people who were RAISED on SOCIALISM. They THINK because of the way they were supported in the PAST .. that all you have to do to MAKE MONEY is to PRINT IT !!

  3. @d.a.

    Well you just made the entire point with that cartoon. The artist has no idea what it really demonstrates.

    People are not pets. Now the government is trying to treat us like pets but I sure don’t want to be one even with good food and free trips to the vet.

    The animals in the cartoon can use logic, reason and forethought, humans can. Excellent cartoon with the right interpretation.

  4. Like you, Jack I am the “third type” of Libertarian. In fact though I’ve always been registered to vote, I refused to join any party until 3 years ago when I took the stand and became a “card carryin’ Libertarian.”

    Just some friendly tips … I enjoy your shows but a few times I think you used different words than the ones you may have meant. I’m not trying to be snarky or a smart-***, just helpful for when you are next interviewed:

    “expose” – I think you meant, “espouse”
    “in consort” – I think you meant, “in concert”

    Again, not trying to flame or be condescending, just some friendly observations. Keep up the great work. 🙂

    BTW is the answer to your question, “Truman?” I believe he drew down forces & military spending after WWII.

  5. @Modern Survival – ah, but I disagree! The vast majority of the hard-core libertarians I know (and truly love) refuse to acknowledge the opportunities and privileges they’ve had that the gov’t provided, which have allowed them the safety & opportunity to develop their views. But I do appreciate your viewpoint (and those of my libertarian friends – we agree more often than not), and thanks for the response – so rare on many blogs!

  6. Can you take a poll to see what party most survivalists on the forum consider themselves to be? I would be interested to see the results.

  7. @d.a. Nope! The libertarian knows the few useful things government has done, they just know government wasn’t required to get them done. They know they could have been done for less money and with more efficiency with out big brother. Their anger at government hides this fact and is one of the things that impairs reaching more people with the libertarian message.

    In other words if you some how legally stole 50,000 dollars from my bank account and bought me a 25,000 dollar car and gave it to me. If I had no legal recourse, no way to fight the injustice I would simply accept and drive the car. Sure it would get me to work every day and the big government types would say look, see he uses the car and doesn’t acknowledge it. This is what government does every fricken day.

    They take away my right to buy the car I want at the price I want and then tell me how lucky I am to have the car they over paid for and chose for me.

  8. @Hartmann, You are right on both counts. No bad feelings on my end, this is all really about driving, dodging cars, dealing with idiots and trying to present at this level at the same time. It is a limitation everyone has to live with (including me) as long as I podcast mobile at 60-80 MPH.

  9. Um yea I can do a poll on the forum, I cringe at the discussions it may stir up though, I will consider it. LOL

  10. @DA

    That cartoon is really not very well thought out. Do dogs in the wild need owners to look after them? No.. They provide for themselves. Do the fish in the wild need a filter? No.. Nature works with them to provide breathable water.

    They\’re independent, and while they are wild animals not capable of knowing what liberty, and freedom are, I bet they are JUST as happy(If not happier than some)as a pet in a home with people.

  11. Jack

    Please….quit justifying your actions on your podcast. If people do not like your views then there are other shows out there. 10 minutes of you pandering to assholes is getting old.

    Just my opinion buddy.

  12. LandRaider

    There\\\’s no use talking to D.A. Some people need the government to tell them what to do next or give them their next handout. They are afraid to bite the hand that feeds them.

  13. IJack two people walked into a Branson restaurant last night with flu mask on no joke.They said they were scared of getting the swine flu.They sit there taking off there mask to eat steak. It reminded me of the comment your son made about the kid in mexico.I think the media has blown this completly out of the water.DID you see the PBS special on WW2 BEHIND CLOSED DOORS it was on last night they talked about all the peolpe that died in Russia because of the GOV pretty scary.It was so bad there evan Hitler was in shock.I think they said that 27 million people died. This is what can happen when you have a total GOV take over. The people worked for them or starved.

  14. @Doomfisher

    Um thanks for the confidence but what “pandering” did I do for 10 minutes today. I am sure not afraid to offend (did you listen to episode 187?) but I do try to make sure I am understood. Sometimes I am sure I do it a bit to much but I sure didn’t think I did it today.

  15. @ Equus Pallidus on your comment about 401K i think that is fraud they tell you your money is insured up to $100.000.But when you try to take out $40.000 like the one man did they say no your 401K has been frooze.

  16. @Doomfisher – I think Modern Survival and I had a respectful conversation, with good points made (and acknowledged) on both parties. Assuming an entire mindset – I want government to tell me what to do – even when I said I agree with much of what my libertarian friends say, is a huge overreach. Conversation like what Modern Survival provided helps me to understand more. In any subject, assumptions and self-righteousness turn people away.

  17. I agree with d.a.’s last comment and I am glad I waited and gave him the opportunity to speak for himself. I found the comment by Doomfisher to be a major overreach but had a feeling d.a. could answer better for himself then I could have done on his behalf.

    We must not engage in this polarizing that so many seem married to. When a libertarian attacks the view of a person who simply states that government does do somethings well they do themselves and the libertarian movement a big disservice.

    When people point out what they see as a flaw in the libertarian ideal it is generally actually a hidden question. If you want people to be open to the concepts of liberty it is important to hear the question through the criticism rather than attacking the the person who is at this point often open to new ideas.

  18. Many people today are like those animals in the cartoon—domesticated. Without the feeding, housing, and training of their owner/handlers they couldn’t survive. Wild animals are like the libertarian/survivalist, able to make it on their own. At the max, government’s only legit reason for being is to protect life and property–neither of which modern governments do well.

  19. A libertarian or a Libertarian? They aren’t the same thing.

    After a previous flirtation with the LP, I can’t imagine anything that would ever lead me to be a member of it. If anything, survivalism should logically lead you to be more of an independent rather than a member of a national party.

  20. d.a., hate to break the news to you, but the socialist worker’s paradises aren’t working out so well in Europe. P.S. that cartoon was lame.

  21. Survivalism will make you very independant and then you will turn into a libertarian in some form or fashion. It has made me so independant I could never sign on to ANY political party again. I will continue to vote, but I will evaluate the person running for office and what they stand for independantly of looking at a letter behind the name. This includes Libertarian candidates, because there are a things about the party platform that actually give me problems. Survivalism has made me the little l not the big L.
    Thanks Jack, for another great podcast.

  22. Oh by the way, here in South Carolina we do not register in a political party. The state does not make you commit to a party, just if you vote in the democratic primary you cannot vote in the republican, and vice versa.

  23. I have some libertarian leanings but I also work for the federal government. It can be an uncomfortable position to be in at times. Over time I have refined my views on what the role of government should be. It is a very complicated issue. First of all Medicare, defense, interest on the debt, and social security take up over 80% of the federal budget. When people say slash government 50% but don’t touch these programs they are advocating deficit spending. If your against government attack these items first. All the departments you see as federal government (FBI, NASA, NIH, EPA, Transportation, Education, State) take up less than 20% of the budget. Now I know that survivalist don’t need the government but do you want to have diplomats? Do you want to buy meat or peanut butter from a place that hasn’t been inspected? Do you want people dumping crap into the air and water that will give you cancer? Do you want safe effective drugs? Do you want air traffic controllers? Do you want someone watching the banks and stock market to make sure that you are not being robed? Do you want the FBI to catch bank robbers? Do you want criminals kept in prisons? In these examples I listed some places where the government failed because you see that you do need government to do its job correctly. I agree that we need to rein in government but I want people to think about it rather than shout slash government 50 % without thinking.

    The problems with government inefficiency and incompetence are due to many factors. One of the biggest ones is that it is very difficult to fire federal employees. This was done to prevent huge turn over after every election. We also have political correctness limiting us. We have a lot of old, disabled people who can’t do the job but we can’t do anything about it. Another problem is congress and the budget. Congress has the power of the purse and it is very defensive of this power. If congress budgets money for something that is not needed you have to do it anyway because that is the law. If we could change these things then we could make government much more efficient. Government is necessary but we need a smaller more efficient government.

  24. Jack…..

    “Holmes one of the great libertarian minds…..”

    Are you familiar with his advocacy of FORCED STERILIZATIONS? Are you familiar with the BUCK v. BELL decision? Are you familiar with his passage that “three generations if idiots are enough”?

    Are you aware that he was extensively quoted by the NAZI’s in their defense at the Buremberg trial?

    Please clarify how this is consistent with a libertarian world view.

  25. Great show Jack.
    It makes me think about that DHS report that came out about “who is a potential terrorist”. It seams that they put in there alot of qualities of people that are upset at what the govt has become and the power they have. People that want to live by the constitution. People that flat out just don’t agree with them and there for are threats to them and they’re power. Those people are coming out more and more. I think the people need to get back in control. Easier said than done I guess.

  26. \\"In any subject, assumptions and self-righteousness turn people away.\\"

    \\"The vast majority of the hard-core libertarians I know (and truly love) refuse to acknowledge the opportunities and privileges they’ve had that the gov’t provided, which have allowed them the safety & opportunity to develop their views.\\"

    I\\\’ll quit overreaching when you quit contradicting. You tell me not to assume, yet how am I supposed to read this? You assume that since your Libertarian friends don\\\’t recognize the \\"good\\" that government does, then I don\\\’t either.

    The cartoon you posted as truth tells me all I need to assume what I need about you. I\\\’ll admit I assume, I\\\’ve met too many like you. When the first words are \\"look how awesome gov is!\\". I\\\’m immediately suspicious.

    Jack, you\\\’re backpedalling (sp?).

    \\"They know they could have been done for less money and with more efficiency with out big brother.\\"

    Now government does things better? You said they didn\\\’t!

    Anyway, I\\\’m sorry if I offended either of you. I just completely disagree that consensus is the way to handle people who are just plain wrong. Being halfway right is still wrong.

  27. Here is a news flash for all those that think the FBI still chases bank robbers….They don’t. In my jurisdiction we usually have a couple bank robberies a week on average. I have not seen a FBI agent come out to a bank robbery seen since 9/11. We have a 99.9% catch rate of bank robbers here, and none have been charged federally since 9/11. the FBI “no longer has the agents” to address this issue and leave it up to the locals. With 9/11 everything has changed,I don’t know how to explain it, but the interaction between local jurisdictions and the fed has changed. I guess it is more of a mentality shift. Local departments are still concerned with day to day crime affecting the citizens, and the Feds come in under “Homeland Security” and tell locals how they are going to run their departments. This hurts everybody.
    It is the main reason I don’t care for the Feds, and I have some friends that are Feds, they now bully the local departments. I have seen this first hand and it just got worse with the stimulus money.

  28. Doomfisher

    I think you are confused I can’t really respond to your comment. I never said the government could do anything better, you actually quoted me saying,

    “They know they could have been done for less money and with more efficiency with out big brother”

    You then responded with,

    “Now government does things better? You said they didn’t!”

    Read those two sentences, I really don’t know what to say? Do you understand what “with out big brother” means? I also think part of your response isn’t actually about what I said but what other commenters said, really can’t help you here.

  29. @stevec

    I also can’t help you with your comment, neither I nor anyone else here brought up Holmes.

    Not sure what you are playing at. Really don’t get why you put quotes around it. In fact I am certain that I have never once mentioned Holmes ever in my show or on the site.

  30. I really liked the Benjamin Franklin quote you mentioned.

    “The refusal of King George to allow the colonies to operate an honest money system, which freed the ordinary man from clutches of the money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the revolution.”

    I like it so much that I went looking for the original source…

    Unfortunately, it appears to be misattributed.

  31. Being a Libertarian has only opened my eyes to what is REALLY going on in this country. I have seen this coming for many years. It made me aware that I was the only one I could count on to preserve my family.
    If you are against survivalism,I have only one question to ask..” Name one politician in Washington who is actually representing his/her constituants rather than representing his/her own interests.”

  32. Jack you mentioned O.W.Holmes in this podcast, but I think you called him a great thinker. Scirnce was burgeoning out of Darwin, and many lost there way at the time. Those who still huld to this lrgacy are some finacial elite and planned parenthood. Sick people. Too bad Holmes bought into the dawinian lie.

  33. Equus,

    Thanks now it make sense! I never said OW Holmes was a great libertarian let alone a great libertarian thinker. I did say he was a great thinker meaning in his ability to make the complex simple.

    My use for Holmes is only in his one great quote, never told anyone to live their life based on his entire legacy. His quote is however, the perfect way to explain libertarianism.

  34. Libertarianism is based upon respect for NATURAL RIGHTS……whether from a theological or even diest standpoint [ie Endowed by the Creator] or a secular one [Self – Evident Truths] .

    Government mandated social eugenics programs such as those advocated by Justice Holmes are completely antithetical to libertarianism.