Why North Korea will Denuclearize — 25 Comments

  1. Pretty good assessment… I always said, give him electricity, food and fast internet and everyone would be happy.


    The really fun part is watching the Left and the media (I know, one and the same…) try to spin this into something negative.

  2. The fake news of the Main Street Media is getting so bad that I”m beginning to wonder how they are staying in business.

  3. Further, I think Trump knew North Korea was no threat, and knew what they actually wanted, which is why we didn’t flatten their country 6 months ago. It’s working out to be a win for North Korea and a win for Trump.

  4. What do you think happens after NK modernizes and it’s citizens are aware of the fact that the regime lied to the repeatedly and basically treated them like serfs? That’s a scenario I can’t wrap my head around.

  5. Passes my Occum’s razor test. 

    Big question now is who is the next boogeyman?  The population (ours) must fear someone to keep controlled, lest freedom ring.  (We have always been at war with Oceania…)

  6. Thanks for the analysis, always enlightening.

    And while it has no purpose beyond symbolism, I do admit I have been secretly hoping they give our ship back – USS Pueblo.  Who knows, that might even turn up as a ‘good will’ play in the press to the American people.

  7. I think the biggest reason for cooperation is the desire China has to remove western forces from the Korean peninsula. China has been claiming more and Moore territory in international shipping waters. As it stands now, the claim the shipping lanes between the Philippines and Vietnam. I believe the United States and our allies are being marginalized in the region. Of course I’ve believed China has been playing the long game for shipping control for many decades now.

  8. Gave you a plug on What Really Happened with Michael Rivero…read part of your article on the air.  Tuesday’s show.

  9. I agree that NK’s nukes aren’t giving them anything that they didn’t already have before they got the nukes.  Denuclearization, however, would give the regime what every regime always wants: continued power.

  10. I don’t agree with your analysis.  As you have stated, it is just your opinion.  Unfortunately history has proven time and again that tyrants cannot be trusted to follow through on promises made.  In order to have ‘normalized relations with the world’ any world power must function as a world leader and that does not include that prison camps continue to operate and that artillery be aimed at any nation.  But just like you that is my opinion.

  11. The probable fact that a large percentage of their top nuke scientists may have perished in the bunker complex collapse, may have added to the urgency.

    That and having to release a portion of the military to go home. This was to help with the crops because they may not have had enough food to feed themselves.

  12. I’d believe this more if NK hadn’t reneged on denuclearization countless times in the past (1985, 92, 94, 2005, 2010, 2012). The fact is, KJU gained legitimization through this summit and has very little incentive to give anything up now. He’s seen what happened to others who gave up their deterrence…


  13. The main point here is two tyrants worked out a deal that will help aid both of their positions. DT will eventually inform America of the denuclearization of NK. Whether it will happen or not who knows. History shows that NK will most likely never step down as a nuclear threat with KJU in command. We sure as hell will never know the terms of any agreement that has been made. We will be “informed” by the medea that DT was “successful” which will be a strong anchor in his relection. In the mean time KJU will continue being KJU. I also agree with the above comment that the US Gov has never viewed NK as a strong nuclear threat, but more of an excuse to keep a US position in that region.

    • Shawn you said, “The main point here is two tyrants worked out a deal” and with that I stopped reading. Trump is a tyrant and one equated to Kim Jong Un. Sorry man you have T.A.R.D.

  14. Does this get Trump the Nobel Peace Prize?

    The Nobel committee gave one to Al Gore and Barrack Obama so I can’t image the hysteria that will come from the left and parts of the media if that happens.

    Especially giving it to Trump in today’s political climate.

    How would the left leaning Europeans feel about Trump receiving a Peace Prize!

  15. Jack you are right on target with this, they other thing people don’t know unless you are really paying attention is Kim has already built first class facilities for tourism.  Ski resorts, beach front hotels, etc.  I saw these before this all happened, so when he came to peace table I knew it was real.