Episode-183- Why Do Preppers Prep? — 12 Comments

  1. Why do I prep? Was part of Katrina Relief in Mississippi & saw that people with stocks of food & carpentry skills were better off than those without.
    Guess I should explain my personal \\"threat matrix\\" from top to bottom:

    Top-Weather disruption, natural disaster. I live up up north & getting snowed in & loosing power is a definite posibility.

    Middle-Monsanto screws up the food supply/crop blight or flu-pandemic w/ 30+ days of no supermarket trips.

    Bottom, and I do mean VERY bottom!-MARS ATTACKS!!! or TEOWAKI-SHTF societal breakdown and I need to have my skerry black rifle to hold back the zombie-hordes.

  2. Thank you for mentioning Tropical Storm Fay in FL in your podcast today. It was a horrible disaster for my area of Florida and most folks elsewhere do not even remember let alone realize how devastating that was to this area. Roads were detoured for MONTHS afterward, for example. Houses were lost to the floods and so on. The recovery was slower than after the four hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004, which now are forgotten after Katrina in 2005…Anyway, thanks for the mention.

  3. @DDR,

    Thanks for reminding me of the storms name. Fay is up there with dozens of disasters no one really noticed because they didn’t spin the right way for a juicy media story. It hit home for me because before moving to PA I did a good part of my growing up in Jacksonville.

    They always said that it could happen! We had a lot of near misses while I lived there, we used to get a tracking map from the drug store each spring and track the storms as they came past. Most of Florida is at sea level it doesn’t take much to flood everything.

  4. The bit about the guy with the Lexus and the Porsche who couldn’t go out for a few drinks cracked me up. Brought a spot of humor to an otherwise slightly bleak show.

  5. What nailed it for me was the “slavery” comment Jack made. Moreover, my children will not be made slaves.

    My neighbor and I were talking last night and the “no downside” argument also came up. But I think for him, as with some of my other friends, they are worried that people may think they have gone nuts. I have even had to put up with that recently. But you know what? So what. I imagine Noah felt a lot like this.

  6. Great show as always Jack! Glad to be able to listen to the podcast again. This was a great topic for me today since me and my fiance just got back from the store where we bought a lot of food storage. Keep it up brother.


  7. It was a year ago that IL experienced a 5.4 earthquake.
    I work part-time and the job is seasonal so I have to “stock up” while I’m working. (At least until (or if) I can find a full-time permanent job, then I can expand my preps.)
    We also have the “Naziwannabes” in our government and their determination to trash our Constitution.

    There are so many reasons to prep. We can’t count on anything or anyone but ourselves. And I believe that things are going to get worse before (maybe) they get better.

    Thanks for another great podcast.

  8. I have always prepped and it has always been a mindset for us. Weather Related Disasters such as the Mo. Storms about 3 years ago that knocked our power out for 9 days during the summer and 5 days the following Dec. We had Heat,Food,fuel while many of our neighbors took shelter at a nearby church or family members who had power..I even baked bread on the grill in a dutch oven. We never had to fight the mobs for food at the store/gas station we even had TV & Radio for periods of time and even some internet when we fired up the Genny 1x a day. I now have people from work asking me prepper type questions and I can’t stress enough to them to stock up on Food/water Etc. They are starting to believe. I can’t stress enough that it is a mindset.

  9. I prep because it is part of me. The act of securing my future against the unknown is what I have always done, and what I will continue to do.

  10. A very INFORMITIVE site for those who need help in securing THEIR FUTURE needs. Those who depend on our Government to PROVIDE for them, should take a SERIOUS LOOK at what happened to NEW ORLEANS.
    We are VERY INDEPENDENT and plan on staying that way. Our NEEDS HAVE BEEN taken care of.
    BE PREPARED for any EVENT and LIVE FREE !!

  11. My 1st prep mindset hit with Y2K, then I fell off the bandwagon until 9/11. Then I calmed down for a few years until the power outage of 2003. Note: I was unaffected by it, but it made me think.

    And yet, I fell off the bandwagon again UNTIL Hurricane Katrina. Now, that just ticked me off. The government didn\’t move fast enough and all of America watched all of those people suffer while dead bodies floated down the street and or just sat in wheel chairs on the sidewalk.

    Katrina just blew my mind and I have kept my kit in my car ever since. I have also talked my mom into having one in her car. Katrina just freaked me out! It was on TV and burned images into my mind of what REALLY COULD and DID happen.

  12. Thanks JJ for your passion over Katrina.

    I lived there for the majority of my life. I watched what was happening first hand for decades, powerless to do anything about it. I still have problems talking about Katrina, it affected me that deeply.

    I do want to say that the people I blame is the ones on the roofs and floating in the water not the feds. For decades these people voted based on race and nothing else. When the politicians were caught stealing the locals would say they are just getting theirs and they would vote them back in.
    I am not saying they got what they deserved; but I am saying what they got was the consequence of their actions.

    Feel free to disagree with me, but remember I have dealt with this for decades. The sad part is, it hasn’t changed anything down here.