Episode-2153- Paul Wheaton on Rocket Mass Heaters — 9 Comments

  1. Hey, Paul I got your 1st rocket mass heater DVDS.  However, I live in the land of over-regulation where they don’t allow new fireplace construction.  Is there any data out there that show the output of particulate matter?  I would like to go to our air quality control board and be able to show these aren’t polluters like fireplaces. They are mostly concerned about the particulate matter rather than CO2.   Any reports anywhere?

  2. This was a great podcast. I am very very interested in building my own rocket mass heater.

    Paul is really funny! You guys crack me up.

    The Facts of Life: Mrs Garrett, Blair, Jo, Tootie, and Natalie… I spent too many hours watching tv in the 80’s 🙁


  3. I love the idea of a masonry heater, but not real easy or practical to retrofit in an existing home.  Plus the barrel thing in my living room…Not sure I can sell the hillbilly look to the fam!

  4. Was I the only one that had issues with the payback of this podcast? I had many places where Jack and Paul were talking over each other.

    • Um if you listened to the intro that was explained right when I introduce Paul, it was weird never saw it before but I think I now know what happened.