Paul Wheaton on Garden Mastery, SKIP & More – Epi-3191 — 7 Comments

  1. Jack, Paul

    I would love to have a rocket mass heater in my apartment, I am so tired of being cold in the winter!
    I have not been able to find people to help me. Mostly because they don’t understand it, and they refuse to look at any information about it. It is true the house is old and very flammable, floors are weak but I want one anyway.

    I will have one, maybe not in this apartment, but I will have one one day.


  2. What Paul said about natural gas heating being ten times higher in Europe really shocked me! So much so that I looked it up, and what I’m seeing is more like the prices are doubling. Not saying they won’t go 10x, but that really would mean a lot of freezing people

    • I need to correct my statement. Apparently, right now, the cost to heat your home in winter is about $2000 per month. I said, “per winter”. Per month. And that is, apparently, going up to $20,000 per month.

      This is what I have learned. I have never been to europe, so i have never dealt with a utility bill in europe. Could be a lot of hooey.

      The most important thing here is: what will happen to YOU, heat wise, if the grid stumbles?

  3. I think the biggest example of ‘New_Speak’ is the change in the meaning and change in use use of the two words ‘Left’ & ‘Left_Wing’ starting from about 15 years ago.

    For hundreds of years ‘Left & Left_Wing’ referred to poor, uneducated, exploited (landless Tennant farmers & abused industrial workers) etc.

    Examples : Coal_Miners, Potato_Pickers, Railway_Naveys etc.

    The word ‘Left’ (meaning weak position) was presented as been opposite to Right Wing’ or ‘Right’ (meaning strong or oppressor position).

    The original agenda of the ‘Left’ was to reduce exploitation and misery in their lives.

    In recent years the word ‘Left’ has changed and is now been equated with the new meaning of the word ‘Woke’, to mean particular weird social engineering agendas which are presented in a way to undermine equality of opertunity & to collect taxes for big government & corporations.

    • I could add ‘the new meaning of Left’ is presented by mainstream media in a way to discredit, undermine & eliminate the origional meaning ( and struggle to escape poverty & misery) as was encapsulated in the old meaning of ‘Left’.

  4. F the furnace. Was thinking of all the reasons I can’t put a rocket mass heater into my current house. The solution hit me like a ton of bricks.
    I’ll add it to my notes. See you next Wednesday.