Episode-2622- What to Do About CoVid-19 Right Now — 18 Comments

  1. Listening to this PodCast (from when shows were recorded during commuter hours lol) raised my awareness, in-general, and had an absolute and positive impact on my current situation.

    If you are minimally prepared take a good listen.

    And Jack, I hope you sleep slightly better knowing four people under my roof, who literally don’t know your name, are safe as a direct result of what I learned from you.

    This information saves lives.

  2. I live here in Eastern WV in the DC metro area. People here never eat healthy. And within the first week everyone suddenly became veggie eaters. All the fresh veg were gone. Couldn’t even buy a bag of potatoes anywhere. I can assure you a lot of these people are going to have rotten food on their hands when this passes. They just don’t know what do do with most of it.

    I eat WFPB and this is really hammering my food. Fortunately when I first heard about the virus getting out of control in China I was able to ramp up my stores of pastas, sauces, dried beans, and rices (stuff I eat all the time anyway). Also engaged in copy-canning to a larger degree. I feel pretty good about where my wife and I are at this time. Just wish I had bought more flour. Better believe when this is over I’m buying a manual grain mill and a metric shit-ton of wheat berries! Lol

  3. Here are links to a good video and docs which explain that Quercetin shares a mechanism of action (MOA) with anti-viral drugs, and the connection with zinc.

    They are zinc ionophores, which helps transport zinc into your cells.  It’s the zinc that is known to inhibit some viruses.

    What I don’t understand is why the video focuses on Querectin more than EGCG (green tea extract) when EGCE seems to be more effective, less expensive, and in-stock everywhere.


  4. Amazing show Jack.  I’ve been listening to you since 2010 and because of that, my household was ready.

  5. I looked you up about a month age here and after several days you had a small piece on the virus, you didn’t seem to think it was very serious.(If I recall correctly) Several others C. Martinson, Canadian prepper and others stated this was going to be huge, Were you listening to trump or what? That being said it takes some personal mental reasoning to choose “the sky is falling” or “this ain’t sh**t” I suppose if a fellow lives on a secluded ranch with everything in place he is ready for just about anything. Many don’t/can’t  At work everybody thought it was a joke for weeks, I kept my mouth shut for the most part, now they are scrambling for toilet paper!

    • I was wrong. It is that simple, I never thought it would get this bad. That said being prepped to go 30-60 days is what we have always taught and it is what we continue to teach.

      • I took this quite seriously from the start (partly because of what we’d seen in our travel through Korea and into Mongolia late January), and even with that I didn’t think it would get this bad this quickly. In the US I thought there would be a number of hot-spots in lockdown, but not to the scale we’re seeing. Same with the market crash and epic interventions we’ve seen, which seems to have some systemic issues in the financial system at play now. But yeah, guessing wrong about this didn’t really make a difference in the end given we already had preps and some cash on hand.

        On a side note, while I suspect the people in power ARE scared to some degree, it’s hard not to see all the “never let a crisis go to waste” power-grabbing in the works. The fact that all this money is being thrown around and the elected officials are working together more than fighting with each other is causing my sphincter to pucker up. In recent decades at least, whenever we’ve seen this much bipartisan movement behind something I know the public in general is about to get screwed hard. “Going long on lube futures…”

      • We had our third confirmed case two days ago.  Prince Edward Island is small, only 155,000 but we are the guy out running the guy out running the bear.   I work in I.T for the Dept. of Health and we are moving fast.  We have moved all our mental health patients out of one facility and are now designating it as a Pandemic facility.  As for me, I haven’t been to a store in three weeks.  My supplies are always topped up.  I am pissed that there is no Silver or Gold to be found anywhere.  My local dealer closed shop until he gets supply from Kitco.  Most of the online bullion dealers in Canada are experiencing 4-12 week delays.  This is going to kill our tourism industry.  We get about 200k cruise ship visitors between April and October, plus many Americans come up here in the summer, including my buddy from Boston who was going to bring up his new Whaler…

  6. You’re wrong about SD.  No I won’t explain  my time trying to explain why.

  7. Out of curiousity, I wonder how the Asian grocery stores are doing as far as customer traffic & business. If ignorant chowderheads are staying away from the local Asian supermarkets, seems to me that such a place might be not only a really good place to stock up but also a way to help a local business get through this time of hardship (and idiocy).

    On a related note, my sister-in-law has anxiety about going out in public because she’s Asian and wants to wears a mask when going out (mostly because a household member is in a higher risk category). I told her to shop more at the local H-Mart (Korean grocer) because Asians are a little more likely to see “mask=cautious & considerate” instead of getting scared, triggered, or hostile.

    The phrase on the shirt I’m wearing pretty much sums up my sentiments right now: “I used to be a people person… then people ruined it.”

    • There really isn’t a good one near me which sucks, if there was I would let you know.

  8. “Choloquine and Zinc Packs are working, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

    Do you mean chloroquine and Z-packs? AKA Zithromax? Please confirm.

    • I mean both!

      Some are using it with zinc early on, they are using it with a z-pack when more advanced for secondary infections.

  9. Thank you Jack.

    I’ve been listening since 2009.  And taking your advice. Laughing at the rats in Walmart scurrying for a scrap of toilet paper. My family is set up to live for a long time thanks to you.  Not a perfect prepper, but I got the bases covered. In a couple years when we run out of tp, well figure that out. Thank you brother. California expat. Hardcore Texan now, thanks to you.