Episode-12- What is the M3 Money Supply and What Does it Mean to You? — 3 Comments

  1. Jack, first the lapel mike makes a significant difference in the audio quality and improves your clarity; $9 well spent (frugal, not cheap…). I am listening to the July 10th podcast on the M3 Money Supply (will have to find out what the Canadian equivalent is as this interests me), so I may post back later on this.

  2. Hey thanks for yet another comment and the feed back is well appreciated. M3 by the way is the same in all currencies you should be able to locate the Canadian M0-M3 with a little googling, in any event I will see what I can dig up and post a link or two for you.

    Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a podcast about Green Energy and how it can benefit the individual the implements it rather trying to persuade people that buying a 45K Hybrid is “saving the planet”.

  3. I’ll be listening with interest; if you have time to amend your podcast for tomorrow (and maybe you’re going to cover this as well), the idea using what you have and not replacing (for example, that 2006 Diesel Jetta you have… with a 2007 Hybrid) with something new, just because it’s green. What I mean is, it only makes sense to replace if a) it’s better than what you currently have and b) that what you have needs replacing; as well, that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) from dust to dust is better for the planet than keeping what you have (in good shape, et al.) presently.
    My family, as noted in another post, lives in the city and do not need a car/truck, so we live without and use public transit, our feet or bikes.

    On a side note, $45K would be great to have, $15K to pay off non-mortgage debt and the rest to buy and install a Solar Hot-Water system (as my house is heated by a boiler) and a 1KW PV array. 🙂 (well, that’s dreaming at the moment)