What is Modern Survivalism Really All About – Epi-3406 — 2 Comments

  1. I def reacted and did some stupid stuff when I first found out about this world.took a couple of years to actually relax and GET it. Your first 30 mins of this had me laughing remembering stuff I did. Thank you for putting out there SO CLEAR for the new people discovering this. Oh and btw You’re a JERK! Now I have to run my own thing(work in progress fml so much but it’s okay), not work for someone and get to help people my way, had to leave my JOB to do that. That makes you a JERK!

  2. Zello channel: The Survival Podast Network has always had family friendly community guidelines (similar to HAM etiquette). To gain channel access, verbal agreement is given. Slip-ups do occur, but there are always rebels who believe that anarchy is the absence of rules and who do not respect the moderators of any kind. Your house your rules, communities house, their rules. Doesn’t seem like it would be hard to understand does it? Sorry to hear it’s an issue in some of the other social platforms as well.