Episode-85 What if Nothing Goes Wrong — 2 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Thank you for the grounding podcast today; in these charged times, we need to remember that hyperbole churns up fear and makes people act out of fear, not out of mutual interest and success.
    I can appreciate the statement you’ve made about living in the moment, not from hunting or shooting (I’ve not done either); but from being outdoors and canoeing or cycling or woodworking. The militia idea that people have of survivalists, is wrong; but it’s how media has spun the community image. You’re helping to correct that image, thankfully.

    Congratulations on episode 85, 100 is coming up fast.

  2. @BlackMacX,

    Thanks as always for your comments, you really contribute a ton to the show with them I know I don’t always answer them but I always read them. I also really get your point about cycling, woodworking, etc. To me any activity that requires true concentration is therapeutic and if it is related to nature the effect is magnified.