What Happened at Crypto Gulch — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for that.

    I have done that. It is a good problem to have in some respects would not have thought there would be that much pent-up demand for this kind of service

  2. Make sure you have a good CDN In front of the site. Cloudflare offers a free tier and a pay tier. I’d start there. Sounds like it may have been DoS attacked.

    • Everyone has a consipiricy theory! No it was not a DDOS it was hundreds of people all trying to compete for 20 spots on what I thought was a dedicated box but turned out to be a VPS according to Ben, it was simple, too many people at one time. We call that the TSP effect. It has happened before and frankly when it stops happening I will be highly worried about my future.

  3. My fault entirely. I apologize and take responsibility.

    I didn’t want to commit to a year long contract on a dedicated server for a brand new business.

    I wasn’t expecting people to start hitting the site at 10 AM. I was trying to do some tweaks to make the system perform better. By 11:15 AM the site was unusable.

    Anyway, I think the lottery is a better idea. I got messages from a lot of people that had to work and wouldn’t be able to participate. That isn’t fair to them and no matter what time I pick there would always be people that would miss out. This should work for everyone no matter where in the world they live (we already have a customer from Australia) or what their job is.