There is nothing wrong with jumping right in and listening to our new daily shows as we put them out.  Yet many new listeners at first need a place to start, a way to understand the overall philosophy and get up to speed with The Survival Podcast and what we are really all about.

Here are 5 of our listeners all time favorite episodes to check out.


Shows for New Listeners — 22 Comments

  1. My favorite episodes are the “this is how do do _____” ones. Maybe we could put together a greatest hits list of episodes for that?

  2. Is there a list anywhere of ALL of the episodes on one page? I just recently started listening, and iTunes only has the last 30 or so episodes!

  3. Hey Jack,
    I was just trying to download this episode but the link for the episode with no commercials isn’t working.
    Episode-648- Reaching the Unreachable – Or Get the Commercial Free Download of the MP3 Only for Sharing with Others (right click and save as)
    I’m planning on doing so guerilla marketing this weekend since I’ll be out and about in this Garden State all weekend. 🙂

  4. I turned three people on to this page in the last three weeks. Perhaps that should be a goal for us old timers. Turn one friend on to TSP per week or something like that.

  5. Hey Jack, love the show. On a recent listener call in show you mentioned the two-part episode, zero to prepared in 90 days, Thought that would be a good addition to this list of show for new listeners. Out of all the episodes that you have made I think those two are 2 of the best to share with new People interested in prepping, And self-reliance.

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  8. Episode 298 Starting the journey from grasshopper to ant would be an excellent addition to this section. It’s the first episode that made me get up stop making excuses and DO, not just sit back and listen.

  9. New listener – only episode the basics for beginners one, loved the practical approach. You referenced the 72-hour bag episode and document packet episode. I’d like to listen but don’t know how to find them. Help! Do I need to join to access them?

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  11. Hey everyone, I was just turned to this podcast and site and I’m very excited to start, but I’m not sure how. Where does one begin to learn where I should start from and how to I evaluate that? Any help would be much appreciated.

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  13. I bet this could be updated. I’m sure you’ve revisited these subjects and expounded on them more, and you have many more excellent episodes to add to the list.

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