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Welcome — 8 Comments

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  2. -I love your podcast! I usually listen to it at work.
    I started listening when I got an email from that Michigan guy, Steve Harris. I have been a fan of his for years! Bought many books from him too. I really would like to be a supporting listener, but I come up short. Still putting 2 kids through a private college. On the bright side, there are only 8 MORE EASY PAYMENTS!. Dude, I love 95% of what you say and I am learning alot.
    Just for shits n giggles, I looked at popcorn @ Sam’s club today. 50# was just under$22.00. That is the only corn they carry in bulk. Just rice.
    Thanks again bro

  3. Your podcasts changed my entire life! I listen to your show everyday outdoors while living a self sufficient lifestyle, thanks to your permaculture episodes. I cannot begin to stress the importance of your shows to new listeners. I have gained a lifetime of knowledge from you & your guests. There are not enough “thank you’s” in the world to show my appreciation. Hopefully, I am investing in silver with TSP soon.

  4. Let me suggest something, there’s a great video on Russian Martial Arts/System Basics in your Video Section, would not be a good idea to add more episodes?

  5. Dear Jack,

    You’re a jerk. I stumbled onto this show a couple years ago looking for outdoors related podcasts for entertainment. I have missed very few episodes since. I find this podcast taking up way too much of my focus as I work around my yard. It’s effecting the things I do on my property and making me want to do things different, for the better. We just got hit with Hurricane Florence and I wasn’t one of the idiots fighting for water cause I already had a stockpile of food and water for my family. I had power out lights in important areas, black out box in the pantry, and inverters in my vehicles. I didn’t have to go to Harbor Freight and fight for a generator 2 days before the storm hit. So, I am not only entertained but my family and I have benefited from you, your show, and your expert counsel. Thanks a lot, Jerk.


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