Welcome Bryan Black to the TSP Expert Council — 19 Comments

    • Well he never gets in touch, I have to go though an intermediary to get to him, he isn’t involved in our community directly and the last two questions I sent to him I got no response on. I’ll have him on as a guest any day of the week he wants to be on but I just don’t seem him as engaged with the community. On the council I am not just looking for people that know stuff, I want people that are truly part of the TSP family.

  1. Thanks for the kind words and warm welcome Jack, can’t wait to answer some questions and contribute to the TSP community. TSP has been a major source of inspiration for me, long before I started ITS and I look forward to giving back.

    As much as I dislike the term “expert,” I do feel like I can share a lot and point people in the right direction if there’s something I can’t answer 🙂

    Thanks again for the opportunity,

  2. Hell yea!! Welcome Bryan to the family!! Looking forward to listening to your answers…….


  3. Welcome. Thank you for joining the TSP-EC and many thanks to Jack for bringing on another trusted entity with the ability to answer tactics, techniques and procedures based on your expertise and experiences in your military and civilian careers. If not to early to put you to work…do you recommend Travis Haley’s AK course or instruction (Mark McGrath on your Forum at ) ? My FWT while in uniform is stale and I want an updated suggestion from training. Thanks to both of you.

  4. I’m one of the people who left a question for Joe Nobody. I will make sure to call it back in for you Bryan.

  5. Welcome aboard Bryan-actually I go back to the days when you and Jack bet 100 pushups for facebook likes and I am part of both of your communities. I didn’t see Jack do any pushups so not sure who’s pushups are better? I did love your zip tie escape video and teach that at my womens self defense classes-you were the first person I have seen teach that technique and that has HUGE VALUE. Look forward to hearing your answers on future podcasts.

  6. I’ve been wondering why ITS has not been on the expert panel sooner!!! Very cool website with lots of useful info!!

  7. As a card carrying member of ITS I can say Bryan has a wealth of info that he shares regularly with all of us who are looking to learn!