Web Design and Development Volenteer Team Needed for DRT/CAC Website — 8 Comments

  1. Has there been a process developed for people who would like to make a financial contribution to the organization?


  2. What platform do you have in mind? PHP? Java? Ruby? Ord do you prefer a framework like Drupal, Rails, YII…… or is that all up to the developers?

  3. Throwing my name into the hat in case you need me – I handle everything front-end for design and development.

  4. I have experience with database driven web presentation, perl, php, mySQL, asp, access, MS SQL, etc (not strong in JAVA or .Net). I also have experience with the Macromedia and Adobe web dev suites although it has been a few (actually several) years and a few versions ago. I would be happy to help if you could use me.

  5. From the post, “Interested parties should send an email to me at jack at thesurvivalpodcast dot com with “CAC Website” in the subject line.”

    • First AgriTrue isn’t gone, it was just shelved due to issues. I am about to go looking for an AT developer next week, I just couldn’t shove it into this week.

      On DRT it is now CAC (Citizens Assisting Citizens) and it is trucking along in the hands of a great Board of Directors and team of advisers.