We Now Accept Six Cryptocurrencies For MSB – Sale Price to Cellebrate — 16 Comments

  1. You might consider accepting CureCoin, too. Cure. Unlike most crypto currencies cure coins are “mined” by doing medical research for Stanford medical college.

    • I’d do it if anyone would pay with it and if someone can tell me a wallet that can accept it.

  2. Newbie to crypto currencies. How do I get started? Just pick a “coin” and go for it? Live in Canada.

    • If Coinbase is available in Canada, that’s really the easiest way to start. Then there’s episode 2005 from last week where we talk about different wallet types.

  3. Coinbase is the main one I use and it’s primarily just an investment tool for me so far. You can download the application or go online and set it up.

  4. hello I been watching this new system of exchange, my question is : how can be sure this is not another scam now with all this computer genius stealing your information may be are many thins I just don’t understand , any advice I will con sider generous Miguel

    • It’s like a much more secure version of the new tots stock exchange or NYSE. I’m a hugely experimental person myself and I decided to just give it a try and so far it’s done me wonders. Real fact, I put in $20 in BTC I while back and it got up to $60 when I decided to trade out $20 of that for ETH. Now my BTC account is just over $80 and my ETH is over $800 quite literally just a minutes before I posted this comment. Scams are always going to be in question ever since there was one deceiving dishonest human being out there with a keyboard and internet access or phone access. I myself was skeptical at first, but honestly what got me to jump and try it out was listening to Jack talk about it in the podcast. He been an amazing support system for me to accept and decide if I want to try something new and unexpected. I hope that helps

    • Miguel start with Bitcoin, get just a little and try it. I know I sound like a drug dealer right now, but I’m serious. You mentioned fear of scams, and that’s because you are smart. But funny thing is Bitcoin is actually a platform of trust, a concept of decentralization applied to the human communication of value. It’s a paradigm shift, it’s as big of a change as the internet was. Now Bitcoin was the 1st and there have been many that have come since, many more to come yet. Indeed some will be scams, because scammers always show up at any gathering of people and try and fool people. I can tell you that all of the coins Jack listed are not scams. They all have white papers that have been read by so many academics all of the world, the worlds brightest minds. And all agree this is real. Just being a holder of bitcoin has allowed me to pay off my student debts. I paid off both my wife and my students debts 2 weeks ago with 1 payment. Bitcoin did that for me. I also have a blog where I give my take on what is going on in this space once or twice a week. You can email me at: if you have specific questions too.

  5. Having just spent half a tank of gas and $200 in exchange for almost one tenth of a Bitcoin, I’m quite encouraged by this post. Though I already bought into a year of MSB using good ol’ PayPal, I look forward to exploring the other currencies. Off to hunt for the core of the crypto-global-libert-anarcho-futur-humanist community

  6. Corporations have NEVER paid taxes, their consumers have always paid those taxes. All the corporation does is collect and hold a portion of the revenue until they are required to turn it over to the state. In essence, there is no difference between corporate tax, VAT and sales tax. When looked at from that prospective, “Tax cut for the rich” is one of the most idiotic statements there has ever been.

    • This is not totally true, it is when the corporation actually pays the tax, but they don’t always do that.

      Again money goes where it is treated well, this is why Apple has more money in China right now that the US. If Apple had to keep that money in the US sure they would simply pass on the charge.

      But I assume this comment was from my episode about virtual nations not this post. When any nation creates high corporate tax rates they push money out of their nation. At that point neither the company nor the customer pays the tax, the money is reinvested into the companies operations in other parts of the world.

  7. Hey Jack, you often talk about crypto and how different coins serve different purposes. I’m familiar with bitcoin, ethereum, dash and litecoin.

    However, I’m not familiar with ZCash or Augur.

    Can you explain why you choose these two coins and what their unique purpose is in your opinion?

    • Tune in Monday for in an in depth answer but the short answer is they are proven currencies that are included with the wallet.

      I would take any currency in there there are a few more but these are likely to be used. But say I didn’t think Zcash was good to hold at the time, has shapeshift built in. So if I preferred DASH and I do, you pay Zcash, I receive it, I shapeshift it and I have DASH instantly. Got to say I am loving the jaxx wallet.

  8. So Coinbase will not let me buy anything, they just cancel my order with no explanation. Surprisingly numerous exchanges will not allow me to trade due to being in oregon. There is only one bitcoin ATM in my state. There is not a single store on libertyx. HOLY HELL is it hard for me to even get into bitcoin at all. My only option is literally Localbitcoins.