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    • Well if you look you will see a shit ton of work just got done, it will basically roll as is but the formal press release and all will go out after voting closes on the final outcome.

  1. I understand why you think this is important, but your wrong. Last time I checked the motto went “United we stand” not to discount “walking to freedoms” purpose, but in the end this is a bunch of cowards finger pointing and passing the blame around. Also your encouraging the only people with enough sense to prep. To leave a place that desperately needs just that. It’s the rats that first abandon a sinking ship. Your not walking to freedom your abandoning your neighbors. All because you don’t like the decisions made by the leaders you elected to lead. You can not vote with your feet. But you can vote with votes, at least you can if you still live their. You could solve the problem (you helped to create) by standing up for whats right and by doing the right thing. Instead your dumping these problems into your neighbors laps and running away with your tails between your legs. And where are you running too? We are the United States, only as strong as our weakest link. And currently any strength are weakest links do have are running away.
    If you really want to walk towards freedom. Then we need to pour our strength into where it is most needed. Don’t run away from the problems you helped to create. Affect change by running towards them. Use your vote where it is needed most. Running away from your problems is the act of cowards, standing up and facing them is the act of a hero. You decide which you want to be. But don’t pretend your one, yet act like the other.

    • Your complete lack of understanding of the structure and purpose of a republic is an indictment of the public education system.

    • This is the part where I slap my hand, repeat “don’t feed the trolls” ten times, and force myself not to tear that entire post apart line by line…

      • Oh, come on. It makes perfect sense in a down is up kind of way. I mean, your neighbors voted to whip you. Stay and get whipped, you bunch of cowards!

        Sing it with me, “Illinois, you put me in a happy state.”

    • alright..

      Rats leave a sinking ship because they know its sinking, they have no control over its sinking (they can’t do anything to change it) and they don’t feel like dying for the sake of ‘solidarity’ with the people responsible for the ship sinking.

      If you’re living in a democracy, and the majority of the sailors have voted to sail into the rocks at full speed.. staying on the boat isn’t the smart option.

      My experience in my ‘democracy’ is that the rest of the sailors keep voting to sail into the rocks. AFTER hitting the rocks, and AFTER most of them have drown, SOME of them might decide it wasn’t such a good idea.. but I doubt it. People tend to be practice ‘foolish consistency’ regardless of the cost (still voting for that D/R party?).

      So here’s a better idea.. get off the ship of fools.. hop in another boat.. and after your old one has smashed into the rocks and sunk, you’ll be high and dry and ready to help out the survivors from a position of safety and security.

      Analogy 2:
      Your living/standing in the path of a hurricane. Do you:
      a) stand your ground in solidarity with your neighbors
      b) get the hell out of the way while yelling encouragement to them to do the same

      Which action puts you in a better position to help your neighbor?

    • I have never read Atlas Shrugged, I’ll have to check it out and the moderator is correct I am an example of the public school system, much like the other 98% of Americans (probably why I never read the book.) Though I am an autodidact, and will make my best effort to get on top of it right away.
      First and foremost I apologize if my previous comment heated or upset anyone. I enjoy the survivor podcast daily and when the web page asked for my opinion I obliged. What I stated is my opinion, and I stand by it. If I am wrong please explain to me why. I understand that referring to your actions as cowardly is upsetting, but if the shoe fits… I don’t think your considering the larger picture here. We are not the independent states of America, we are the United states of America. If one of us fails we all suffer. I understand that their are very real problems. Whether you want to take responsibility for your problems or not (they did develop out of either your direct activity or your choice of inactivity) their in your backyard. If our forefathers ran away from their problems, we wouldn’t have backyards to run away from now. It seams to me that since we are communicating on this forum. Then it’s a safe bet your the type of person who is aware of the problems in our society, also since you are “walking to freedom” I can assume you desire to live in a “better” world. That means your the only ones aware enough and driven enough to help solve the problems – you the same people turning your backs on them. If you take the combined population of the states on your bad states list it equals a huge percentage of your fellow Americans, that you are turning your back on. The way I see things it seams pretty cowardly or at the very lest selfish. I (speaking for myself and only me) plan to stay in my “bad list state” and I will do what is within my power to make it a better place to live for me, my family, and my neighbors. I don’t do this to be some kind of hero I do it because it’s the American thing to do, It’s the Christian thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do. I’m only one man so I don’t have much sway over these problems we face. But at least I’m facing them. And if you weren’t running away we could be more than one, but then we find ourselves back at united we stand. If actions speak louder than words then you have made your opinions quite clear about that topic by voting with your feet.
      Once again this is only my opinion. I’m completely open to being wrong. And I value the opportunity to be proven so. Please don’t just declare I’m wrong because we disagree please explain to me why. If I am wrong I’d really like to know. Also please keep in mind that we are in agreement that their is a problem and a solution needs to be found. I just don’t think dumping your responsibility into someone ells lap and then running away is a solution.

      • I get your opinion – I disagree with it, but I get it. And I still don’t think you understand the idea of a republic. By your logic, if we are all one country and that’s it, why even have states? Or why not have just federal laws and have the states exist maybe just to enforce federal laws? You can live in the land of “what if” all you want, but the fact in the real world is we are a federal republic of sovereign states, joined under (what is supposed to be) a limited federal constitution.

        I recently just stood and fought and won with our governor against SB 221 in Nevada. Look it up if you don’t know what that is. If it had passed, I would have begun the process of making plans to go elsewhere. Why? Because once extreme liberty stealing things are in place, it is difficult to impossible to remove them. As Jack has said on air, you can stand and fight, try to vote, try to sue… but that process takes years if not decades. I don’t have decades to wait, I want to live my life in liberty NOW, and if I can do that somewhere else better, then so be it. And if I can take some of my neighbors with me to greener pastures, all the better.

    • Shawn,
      With your explanation then you should pack up and move to NY, or IL or CA since they are all part of the US and DEFINITELY are some of the weakest links and they need your help.

  2. I can understand wanting people to stay in the USA, when they vote-with-their-feet, but I’d like to volunteer to help a person who might want to move to Santiago, Chile. Is there room for my offer in the WalkingToFreedom Idea? Thanx.

    • I’d love to see this option included.

      I’m sure there are listeners from other countries that are also interested in this idea.

  3. Shawn: your remarks are almost direct quotes from the book “Atlas Shrugged”. Eery.

  4. My Good Bye letter is posted!

    Only had one politician ever respond to my letter. It was a polite “thank you for your interest in this important subject, as you know I want the input of the people who elected me into office so I can better represent them” form letter auto-generated. (arrived about two seconds after sending the email)

    When I was visiting home, I ran into the Town Supervisor at the corner store (gosh I love local politics, i’m never going to do that with a Governor) and asked him about my letter. He said he had read it, thought it was me, but since I did not live there he thought I was over reacting to a law that will be over turned.

    He thanked me for my service and then paid for his stuff and left.

    Not going to miss that part of NY.