Episode-77- We are our own worst enemy at the elections — 1 Comment

  1. Jack, interesting podcast today; as I don’t live in the US, the impression people seem to have is that the President has more power than laid down in the constitution.
    Also, I’ve known of your point about the US Military Industrial Complex for a couple of years; historically, it suggests an empire in decline; in this day and age, even more so.
    As to the suggestion of the Derivatives being the next big powder keg, that is new to me and scares me. That said, as you also noted, it’s now even more important to buckle down, live more frugally and save money; to that end, as I noted to you (what seems like eons ago), my family is looking to (and have decided) to relocate from our current locale to British Columbia, Canada; this will have numerous benefits: warmer climate, better ability to grow our own food, lower the price of the home we need and decrease size too (thereby lowering heating and electricity costs) and work remotely for my current employer. We’ve setup a year timeframe for this to occur, to both keep momentum hopefully (with planning) maximize the available sale of our current home.

    Keep up the podcasts and the forum is great (though, I’ve not signed up as a member).