We are Fine, The Storms were Mostly East of US — 16 Comments

  1. Glad you are OK I live near Stillwater OK. and understand the respect that tornadoes deserve anytime of year. The year before the Moore tornado the Stillwater schools started putting safe rooms in their buildings. The two newest buildings are very popular because of that.

  2. So glad to hear that you both are fine. I was worried for you. Thanks so much for letting us know!

  3. I don’t remember you talking about storm shelters much. I hope you touch on that a bit in whatever you post.

  4. Those photos should remind everyone, if you are prepared for the disaster most likely to happen in your life, you are better prepared for the disaster least likely to happen in your life.

    Glad you and your family are OK

  5. We thought of you guys as soon as we heard about the storms. Glad to hear everyone is safe. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  6. I saw your weather on the news… guys were my first thought. Glad you are well.

    Here in the Mitt? Snow and sleet since noon………freezing rain at midnight.

    Generator is ready (after repairing that spark plug I broke), black out box is out, water is stored and the propane wall heater might just come in handy (despite looking really fugly on the wall).

    Making notes of things to upgrade already. lol

    And thanks, Jack, wouldn’t be this ready without you!

  7. Reinforced concrete. I see too little of it on the pictures. Building that way is not cheap, of course. That would be offset by insurance costs though.
    Well, these pictures make me want to think. Thanks.

    Greetings from the other side of the World.

  8. Tick tock, fat boy. Only a matter of time. Remember I told you to sell up and move to Oregon? You’ll remember that advice in the future, when it’s too late. You can take a horse to water, etc

    • Hi coward thanks for showing everyone what a piece of shit you are and how stupid as well. As you are stupid I will have to explain.

      Gloating about something like this while people have lost homes and loved ones makes you Gerry a certifiable piece of shit. No way around it.

      As to the stupid, only the stupid show their ass this way and again you conflate weather with climate. If you were not such a coward and hiding away like a little bitch you might know these things.

      If you could see worth a damn you would also know I haven’t been fat for years, and you’d know calling a guy that used to be fat, fat is also stupid. I rest easy at night knowing karma is real and you just added more shitty karma to your already shitty karma debt.

    • The Year is 1700.

      “A Mega-Quake Hits the Pacific Northwest”

      It was “The Big One.” 700 miles of the coastline suddenly dropped and moved west 60 feet. 25,000 Indians died. Vegetation was wiped out as it was inundated by salt water. The quake created a tsunami so large that it wiped out homes in Japan.

      Chances of it happening again in the modern day is figured at more than 30% along the Oregon coast. It is NOT the San Andreas fault.

      Here is a quote from the footnotes from the TSP Wiki History segment…

      “Based on historical averages, Goldfinger says the southern end of the fault – from about Newport, Ore., to northern California – has a 37 percent chance of producing a major earthquake in the next 50 years. The odds that a mega-quake will hit the northern segment, from Seaside, Ore., to Vancouver Island in British Columbia, are more like 10 to 15 percent.”


      Alex Shrugged

  9. I consider it a Blessing that y’all are okay. In west TN we also had some tornadoes south of us. They just happen to a fact of nature were we live this time of year. Just because Gerry wants to act childish and call people names. I would never move from here because we get tornadoes and I don’t think you would either. May God Bless everyone.