We are Back Up – No Show Today but Videos on QE3 Will Be Out Soon — 5 Comments

  1. I understand the situation with the technical gremlins, Jack. I hope it is a relatively easy fix.

    As one of the folks that commented with “we need a video” on QE in the comments for the recent Freestyle episode, I just want to say thanks and also express my anticipation / excitement for pulling that together so quickly. Props.

  2. Thanks Jack for the great customer service. But it seems to me that preppers should not be whiney crybabies when systems go down. We should expect that from time to time, right? It’s normal. It’s what we train for.

    I too was thinking that QE3 (4.5 or whatever) deserves a video on
    Glad it’s in the works.
    Thanks for all you do.