Episode-679- Modern Survival Ways to Save Money Part Four — 25 Comments

  1. I just wanted to add. Using Offal as a way to save. Most people think offal stands for “oh my god that’s awful” but it’s actually offally good.

    My top three favorites
    Beef heart-Merguez sausage is good because you can use beef heart in it.

    Pig’s trotters- braised

    Lamb neck-braised in a veal stock

    If anyone is interested in learning more this book is really cool
    The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson

  2. Horse manure:

    Jack, in central AR I see horse manure in the free stuff section or in the farm & garden section on a fairly regular basis. Several people are trying to give it away on a seemingly continuous basis.

    Also, the horse track is near you, maybe call them and see what they do with theirs. Also on highway 70 going into HS there is at least one horse ranch right on the highway. I see it when traveling to my inlaws…not sure exactly where it is but IIRC I believe its fairly near I30.

  3. On horse manure via Craigslist, usually just searching for “Manure” will return something, though it tends to be listed under lots of different categories. Usually under “Farm”, but people post it in home and Garden sometimes, under the “Free” category, and just about anywhere else. The search box is your best bet.

    Regarding meat cuts, I’ve found beef cheek at various stores for under $1/lb. $1.29/lb at Walmart. It’s not a popular cut in the North East apparently, they always have trouble selling it. But it means it’s often on sale, I’ve even gotten them at that price with a buy one, get one free deal. For the uninitiated, it’s one of the most tender and flavorful cuts of meat you can get, popular in 5 star restaurants. It’s dirt cheap, and a viable alternative to loin cuts.

    For pellet stove owners, buy a pellet mill. Grass clippings are a great fuel for pellet stoves. You can also use them to press pellet feed for livestock, fish etc. There are lots of plans on the internet to make the mills your self, otherwise they start around $500 (though $1500 is the sweet spot between price and performance in small models). Still, what do you spend on pellets in a year? You will make your money back on the upfront cost very quickly.

  4. T. Harv Eker’s JARS Money Management System appears to be broken. Thanks for the podcasts, good stuff. Enjoy your vacation when you go.

  5. Be careful with horse apples. Many horses have been treated for worms and the horse poop will have the residue of this medication in the poop. This stuff will kill all your earthworms, NOT a good thing! If you get horse poop, compost it for at least a year. ALSO, horses that eat mainly pasture will have tons of weed seeds in the poop. When you go to pick up your “free” horse poop, find out when they were lasted wormed and what they eat. Reno Robb

  6. Answering to your free Manure question… I see a few people have chimed in.

    Under “For Sale” is a sub-category for FREE items. I see free manure listed there ALL THE TIME.

    I have friends who literally go to Home Depot or Lowes and BUY bags of manure for their gardens when not only can you find it FREE any time you look under the free listings on craigslist several local parks with horse stalls CONSTANTLY give it away to whoever wants to pull up and take it.

    Other scores I have recently gotten from the FREE section include:

    A new wireless G router (because the owner forgot their “wireless password” and never knew about the “reset” button on the back so they bought a new one and gave the old one away…

    A fairly old but working Coleman Naphtha lantern which came with an EXTRA valve (the one on the lamp is fine) and a gallon of Coleman fuel…

    Nice good quality stainless steel saute pan…

    I started looking in the free listings for landscaping materials but have picked up more useful things I never thought people would be listing on there for free!

  7. With the gutter system…put a small pump at the bottom to recirculate it as well; a hydroponic type system. 🙂

  8. What are the rules for winning the AR-7 rifle? Can you enter as many times as you want? There are not rules posted.

  9. Pellet mills are not that great of a deal. Your material has to be practically powder, so you will now need a hammer mill to pulverize your material (which has to be super dry first) before it can be pelletized.

  10. @Derek, you can only enter once and if you try to enter more you will find out that it is impossible.

  11. I was just chatting with a fellow German Shepherd owner (our dogs are cousins)- she said that switching from commercial kibble to homemade reduced or eliminated several health issues. I am absolutely sure it is a powerful preventative, too. I have gluten-intolerance. If it is not good for humans to eat so much grain, how can it be good for pets? Add a monotonous diet, GMO, herbicides, pesticides, suicides and other nasty practices and it is a recipe for disaster. Is it my imagination or are pets suffering from more health problems than they did a couple decades back?

  12. The UltraGauge is another alternative to the Scangauge, and it costs less than $80 (before rebate & after shipping). It has 74 different gauges, and recognizes trouble codes.

    It’s a great device and has saved me quite a bit of money.

  13. Hi Jack and fellow listeners. Just a quick comment about Ooma. I own one and I like it, it works well. However, they’re somewhat like a ponzi scheme in that they need a constant infux of new customers to keep the gig going, so I advise that people buy theirs at Costco, where you can return it if the company goes belly-up any time in the future…

  14. i agree with lynn that using the gutters for a nft hydroponics system may be better. ther are several builds on the internet on using mulrti tiered vertical applications.

  15. I’m not sure witch episode you talked about kohls. I fallowed what you said your wife was doing with the credit card there:
    I bought 2 pairs of jeans for $67.98 after getting the card and the dicount I paid $50.91 a saving of 30% of course I paid cash at the register to pay off the card.
    thx Jack

  16. @Jason, yep they do that at Kohls all the time and my wife came up with the system. I have told her that if I see the statement ever come in with even a one cent balance I will burn the damn card.

    Points and miles are bullshit but 10-20% on stuff you absolutely would buy anyway is real money.

  17. Wow, this show sparked quite the comment thread!

    I was thinking when I was walking around on my lunch break and thinking about this topic…

    Here are 4 totally random solid examples of things that almost EVERYONE I KNOW bitches about yet the same people bitching about these things hold the POWER to STOP these things…

    Once again, if only 30% of people who currently fly would decide that their genitalia and the genitalia of their children were important enough for them to discontinue flying then the airports would need to cease the groping. It’s that simple. Think about it, corporations basically run our government anyway, and if the airline industry as a whole takes a 30% dive in profit because of molestation they won’t stand for it anymore.

    How many times do you hear people bitching about how much an athlete makes for kicking/hitting/dunking/throwing/catching a ball/piece of rubber/stick/etc.? Well the last time I checked every time a bunch of athletes get together to throw balls and sticks around they are surrounded by a FULL stadium filled with people who either paid face-value for (or in the case of my city paid 6 pr 7 TIMES FACE VALUE) for a ticket to the game. These same people constantly watch these athletes on TV which in turn perpetuates the advertising revenue for the TV networks. Trust me, if a typical NFL stadium was packed with the same number of people who attended the Ultimate Frisbee National Championship tournament last year those athletes would cease making 5 – 12 million dollars per year… (

    How many times have you heard people CONSTANTLY bitch about how they hate Wal Mart, their policies, how they ruin the towns they build stores in, how they don’t pay their workers jack shit, and take jobs from America by buying all of their products overseas? Now, how many of those same jackasses run to Wal Mart whenever they need anything???? “Well, it ain’t gonna be cheaper anywhere else!” , or “There ain’t nowhere else to go?” — I doubt these people ( are going to be convinced to “Buy American” anytime soon…

    Once again, the lack of common sense astounds me here. “WHAT??? $5 to take money out of MY bank account!!! WTF!!!” Well, OBVIOUSLY enough people are willing to pay $5 at a god damn ATM to make their $20 withdrawals to keep those ATM machines in business. I would assume that if people stopped withdrawing money from these ATMs with the ridiculous fees that those machines would either disappear or would go back to charging $.50 cents to make a withdrawal.

    Issues like the Income Tax, high gasoline prices, etc. that affect us on a grand scale yet are so entrenched into our society that they become much more difficult to dislodge can be solved in the same fashion. The PEOPLE who ENABLE these things to stay in existence just need to stop supporting them.

    If the same proportion of people in America rode a bicycle as much as the people in certain european countries and China did it would accomplish 3 things. Demand for gas would drop drastically and they would have to lower the price to encourage consumption. The average fat ass fast-food chugging american dipshit would end up being a physically fit, relatively healthy American dipshit, and you would most likely save time on your commute by cycling if you live in a city.

    Tyrants, Demcoracies, Republics, Anarchies, whatever the hell you think is the best form of government can’t enslave a population without their consent (if not verbal then by the simple act of enabling the system to perpetuate and grow more corrupt).

  18. I buy a Cafe Buestelo aluminum coffee can… punch a hole in it and empty the contents. Whenever I come home and have a spare dollar, whenever I come across “found” money, I put it into the coffeee can. Last year after six months, I busted it open and had saved several hundred dollars. This year, I’ll wrap the can up for Xmas (along with a can opener) and a give it to my wife.

  19. For the self watering system. I bet a float valve from a furnace humidifier in each pot would work great. Uses that cheap plastic tubing. Needs one hole just above the water level.

    I’ve been thinking about using strips of that micro-fiber cloth (Sham-Wow) as a wick.