Two Seats Remain for the Anarchapulco Watch Party — 5 Comments

  1. Sounds amazing. I’m working to rearrange my schedule to go. Any idea of start time on the 17th? end time on the 18th?

    I’m thinking of flying in the evening of the 16th (flight arriving DFW around 9:30pm) and out either late on the 18th or early on 19th.

    • 9-10ish on Thursday for a start but I am sure people will be hanging out and having coffee by 8ish. The way things go I would stay over and leave out in the Sat. AM. We do a lot of after hours stuff, booze tastings, barter, etc.

      I also think I am going to let people who wish to camp set up Wednesday or those that want to check in come buy for a beer and some brats, etc. It will just make it easier for folks.

  2. Just signed up for Telegram. Looking forward to seeing the alerts. I’m somewhat familiar with Anarchapulco through Mark Passio’s work – I don’t recognize any of the speakers on the agenda this year (Save for you, Jack) but I’m looking forward to it!!