Episode-71- Watch out for combined threats — 7 Comments

  1. Haven’t listened to the podcast, yet, but I thought I’d mention that I just thought of this yesterday while reading an article in a local paper. It said that the Summit County (Ohio where I live in Akron) government plan to handle pandemic flu situation was chosen at a recent convention as an exemplary one for how advanced it is….. which obviously made me feel a little better.

    I know it’s just sort of a boast, whatever it’s worth, but at least it’s a hint that the people in charge in this area are doing something. It won’t stop my planning for it or anything!!!

  2. I think you are on target but I keep hearing about leaving for bug outs locations but I’ve not really understood when and what conditions would be enough reason to leave.
    Can someone say what I should look for to go to my hide away.

  3. @Susan,

    I plan to do a show on bug out or bug in next week. The short answers though are as follows.

    1. You get out when you believe the situation will be more dangerous where you are then where you can bug out to.

    2. You don’t bug out, unless you have a place to go to, other then as I said today we are talking a nuke, imminent weather event, etc.

    3. If you think you might need to bug out, you must plan for it. You need a primary location to go to, relatives, vacation home, deer lease with a camper, what have you.

    4. Bugging out to a location may be safe at one time, not at another. For instance if you were getting away from Hurricane Ike and went to a State Park in Texas with food, supplies and good equipment I imagine you would have been fine. If you tried that during an all out nation wide melt down it would probably be a very bad option.

    The key is most people will be better off setting up shop, storing up supplies and staying put and keeping their heads down until what ever is going on passes.

    It ends up as a basic survival decision, which location will be safer and better for you and your family short and long term. Make sense?

  4. Hi Jack,

    I’m still trying to register for the forums but with no luck. When I try to register, it asks me to type the letters off of the picture but there’s no picture — only a blue box with a question mark in it. I’ve tried to register both from my mac and from my pc and still, no picture to use in order to register.

    Any help would be appreciated and I can’t wait to get into the forums and share info with the other folks.

    Thanks again for the great shows. My husband and I listened to this latest one last night.