Warrior-Summit and TSP Meet and Greet — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jackie, I just read your canning article. As a widow-lady, I take to canning periodically just to keep my hand in it. I agree with every time you can to read the book and follow the recipe. When the horrid Boston bombing happened and it was said it was a pressure “cooker”, I went on-line and bought another 23-Qt Presto No.2 Canner to have it available if either cookers or canners get listed with Alcohol Firearms and Tobacco as a weapon like my small 38 Special. Living in a condo without land, I can meats on sale. As long as can vegetables are still affordable, I follow the Mormon practice of storing up for an extended rainy-day. You don’t have to be Mormon to be smart for your families welfare. Thank you for your practical advice.