Warm Up with a Great Sale Price on the MSB — 6 Comments

  1. On the subject of E-books, I recall you recommending Permaculture One in a fairly recent podcast (in the last two weeks if not last week) but the thing is out of print and acquiring it for a decent price seems near-impossible.

    Is there a chance you could attempt to negotiate rights to share pdf scans of PC1 with MSB members Jack?

    • Here is what I will say. Permaculture One and Two along with the PDM are all in PDFs on the web, with google they are not hard to find. If you have trouble this might help.

      Now I have no idea if the PRI is okay with it, but it is out there. My suggestion might be to download them and perhaps make a donation to the PRI of Australia here if you find them worth it, and do what ever amount you see fit.

      Now that the content is out there, there is little that can be done but we who access it can at least make it right with a small contribution.

      You can donate to the PRI here,

    • The advice is much appreciated Jack, though despite my best efforts using that and other tactics I can’t seem to find PC1 for download anywhere. (I’m mostly using “Permaculture One” in quotes to limit irrelevant results.)

  2. Funny stuff. It’s too bad for me that you didn’t offer a Valentine’s Day discount 2 days ago…

    Thanks for all the great work, Jack.

  3. Is there a way to view current status of support term? IE, Im in month 10 of my 12 month membership? Does it email you once you have lapsed in membership?