Breaking Through the Wall of Can’t – Epi-3342 — 4 Comments

  1. Talking like a preacher man on this episode! I frickin it! I love your episodes of motivation. It fuels my fire. I’m busting ass over here in the sierras in cali. Got 500 yards of mulch. Spreading across my 10 acres. I’m in debt for a sawmill & a skidsteer. I’m a custom furniture builder & cabinet builder. Haven’t bought meat chickens in 7 years. Bag a few deer a year & picking up fresh road kill. I’ve been know to call in late to work for fresh road kill. Got pigs & lambs. You get me fuckin excited! I appreciate you.

  2. Hey Jack, great episode. One i want to take notes from more than the outline. In your AI search have you found an programs to take a podcast, get a script and write a decent summary? cheers mate

  3. Great podcast, Jack! Thank you. I AM a boomer for real, and have had some success in life. It took risk AND hard work toward that goal. Gotta start where you are.

    You have helped so many people every day. You are a genius and a natural born teacher.