Help The Survival Podcast Win Podcast of the Year (General Category)

For the second year in a row TSP has been nominated as "Podcast of the Year" in the general category by  Between now and Dec. 15th you can vote ONCE A DAY, every day.  Thing is something like this is very easy to forget to do, especially on weekend.  So I set up a simple reminder service for you.  Just enter your name and email in the form below, once a day you will get an email that says,

"Remember to Vote for The Survival Podcast Today in the Podcast awards at in the General Category."

On Dec. 15th it will be the last day of voting and I will delete this list.  Opting into this list will only be used for this reminder service and again we will delete it on Dec. 15th 2010.  You will get one reminder email a day between now and then. 

So help us win and remember to click the confirmation email after your vote each day that Podcast Awards will send you.  Don't worry about giving them your email I have voted for three seasons now and the have never spammed me, not once.


I want to help TSP win Podcast of the year.  Send me a reminder email so I don't miss one day of voting.