Episode-2608- Common Sense Virus Preps and Micro CSA Crops — 15 Comments

  1. Jack, First of all I value your opinion very much. you have helped me very much to not be tinfoil hat. When I herd you say what you did about essential oil I felt obligated to tell you about another person that I hold in high value. Her name Is Susun Weed. She has information on essential oil. She says that essential oil kills your gut flora which is your immune system. Let her speak for herself. Just Google Susun Weed on essential oil. Also check out her you tube videos on herb infusions. Awesome stuff. Have a good one Jack. Love your your show. Thanks

  2. Jack, great show. I recently bought a 6 acre property in the Sierra mountains. The land isn’t flat. So I’m looking for creative ideas to capitalize on what usable land I’ve got.
    i reached out to Nick Ferguson for a property consult. But never heard from him.
    thank you for your work. Love the show.

  3. A F***ed-up Friday COVID-19 update:

    The private hospital my wife works at had a patient yesterday that developed a fever and tested negative for two common influenza strains, and since the patient had (allegedly) been to S. Korea somewhat recently they’re treating it as a suspected COVID-19 case. They closed down the hospital, took the patient and the people who had direct contact with him to a gov’t quarantine facility. We’re supposed to find out today if he tests positive (seems a fair chance but not certain), and while my wife had no direct contact with him she did have contact with a couple of the people who did. News link here (it’s a Google-translated page so the translation is crap but you can get the gist of it).

    If the case tests positive AND if the gov’t tells us to isolate ourselves, we’ve got the finances & deep pantry to last us months so not leaving the house at all for 14-days is not a problem. I don’t think that’s likely at this stage, but the Mongolian gov’t has been taking an extremely cautious approach so who knows.

    I’m not particularly worried since we’re not in the high risk categories (we’re not smokers or older or have existing health conditions). And I’m pretty certain my wife is in the clear anyway as she’s management (in her office more often than not) and wears a mask & washes hands frequently (as one would expect). The whole situation still sucks ass, but at least having those simple deep pantry & finances preparations takes away any anxiety about that. My wife is a worrier by nature, and having that already taken care of means one less thing for her to worry about. Which in turn makes it a less stressful time for the rest of us.

    Hope they don’t make us wait too long today before giving us the news.

  4. I thought your information on coronavirus was spot on.  The biggest risk right now to most people is panic and inconvenience.  I am a Family Doc in a small town and am part of the disaster preparedness team.  One thing I would add based upon my research of other pandemics suggests that there will likely be more than one “wave” of illness and it may be less likely to follow a typical respiratory illness seasonal distribution. 

    For example, the 2009-2010 H1N1 influenza outbreak started in April and then accelerated for a while, which is not typical of seasonal influenza, but had scattered outbreaks during the summer followed by substantial uptick in August.  The “Spanish Flu” pandemic of 1918-1919 had its first peak in June and July.  This was followed by another peak starting in October.
    I would expect that we will see a peak of coronavirus infections by late March to Mid-April followed by a sharp decline with some sporadic cases over the summer. 

    I would expect a second wave after the resumption of school, probably sometime in September.  The likely dynamics of this are that there is a big push to quarantine initially and there probably will be school closings and a significant decrease in travel, as well as generally inconvenient supply chain interruptions (FDA has announced that there is at least one drug that will be in short supply due to no supply of an ingredient from China). 

    But, at some point people need to get on with their lives and so more typical routines re-emerge.  People begin to get a bit complacent as they hear of a few cases here and there, but no major outbreaks.  What is happening at this point is the virus is becoming more widely and evenly spread around the country since there are likely to be many asymptomatic cases, so that there is a much larger pool of individuals throughout the country that can serve as a reservoir for the virus. 

    Then, with the resumption of school in the fall, there is a concentration of source cases and uninfected individuals who become infected and bring the virus home to the family (we see this every year with minor respiratory and gastrointestinal viruses showing a general uptick in cases).  At that point you have the major outbreak.  The number of cases and deaths from “Spanish Flu” was highest in the second wave outbreak that occurred in last September through December of 1918.  Then there was a third was as well.

    Anyway being generally prepared with food that you are willing to eat (store what you eat, eat what you store) and having at least a months supply of critical medications makes sense.  Just don’t neglect to restock after the initial wave.  Also, the second wave will likely last longer so 4-6 weeks may make more sense.
    My thoughts. 

    • Dr. Ebke, thank you so much for this information. I have been nauseas for almost 24 hours. I started having a headache and feeling nauseas and dizzy Sunday eve when I was at the store. I am still nauseas. I have a massive headache. I can’t find my thermometer to check for a fever. I checked yesterday afternoon though & my temp. was 96. It’s usually between 96.4 & 97.1. I threw up for about an hour about 12:30 yesterday after being so dizzy I was unable to walk. Everything was spinning. I’ve never been this sick in my life.

      I live in the SF Bay Area. I have a friend who’s a teacher who comes over often. I rescue abandoned kittens and raise them & tame their mothers if they come to me too, before adopting them out. About 2 months ago I hugged a couple who adopted one of them. They are from China. I am on the fence about asking them if they’ve been there recently because I don’t want them to feel like I’m being prejudice toward them or picking on them. I also have 2 housemates, one who works with many people from China. I’ve been at home most of the time for the past year because I have a verrrry slow healing broken foot so staying at home isn’t a problem.

      My best friend wants to visit and take care of me but I don’t want her to get the virus if that’s what I gave…just being cautious.

      I read this article yesterday about how nausea & vomiting occurred in some cases, though rare. What are your thoughts about this? I realize you can’t give official medical advice but I hope you can give me some advice nonetheless. I tried to make a doctor appt. at the local clinic today and waited on hold for 38 minutes. Then I hung up because the music was making me feel horrible.
      I managed to get an appt. next Thursday., a week from today, w/ my primary care doc. He’s an internal medicine specialist. I’m not sure what to do as I’ve read that we’re supposed to isolate if we get flu symptoms but then how does one get tested? I’m not being an alarmist. I just want to be responsible. I have never been so sick in my life and I haven’t gotten the flu in years. I never had it more than a few times as a child. I’m 46 years old. I smoke about a half pack of organic (as if that’s better?cigarettes a day. Now I’m cut back to about 2. My Dad and Grandfather has lung cancer. I’ve had pneumonia twice before. Other than my broken foot and some intestinal issues I’m in pretty good shape for an old broad. Please advise off the record if you have a chance. Anybody else’s thoughts are welcome too. Thank you so much!
      The article I’m referring to:

      Gratefully, Tara

      • Tara, sounds like you are over reacting but how do I know and how would Dr. Ebke know, if you have a health issue go seek a fricken doctor do not see advice form someone you don’t even know on a damn blog comment. I am sure Dr. Ebke is who he says he is but I don’t know that and neither do you. He could be some loon for all you know. You could be in a CareNow or similar in 30 minutes or less.

  5. N95 filters 95% to 0.3 microns, while the virus is 1.5 microns. 1.5 is 5x, not 1/2 of 0.3.

  6. I think your “nothing burger” comments and questions are coming from Steven Harris. He’s going apeshit over this, or at least it looks and sounds that way initially. He’s essentially saying the same thing as you, just in a tone of voice that screams panic.

    • He always freaks the fuck out about everything, always speaks in absolutes, “this is what is going to happen”. I have never been so happy to have distanced myself from him as right now. It also sucks because he really is a good man at heart.

  7. Jack, I like your mention of multicrop plants like fennel. While you talked about the stalks and fronds as one crop and the bulb as a second crop you missed the roots. Fennel grows a long tap root which can be harvested and used like parsnips. The taste is more like parsnip than fennel. It stores in a root cellar just like carrots and rutabagas to use through the winter.

  8. I am trying fennel on hydro right now, it seems a bit slow. I am not sure how much of a root yeild you will get with hydro though.