Video Review of the First Silver Medallion — 17 Comments

  1. When you click the white “X”, does the counter screen go away or does it just change from black to blue? Do you know which Internet browser you are using?

  2. I’m wondering about shipping. The site indicates orders will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. Will a signature be required?

    • Every silver coin I have ever gotten in the past has required a signature.
      They leave the signature card with instructions about when they will try to deliver again or how to pick it up at the post office. You will have several options.

  3. To add to the gold vs silver comparison. In the 1800’s the ratio was 16:1, and now it is 9:1 coming out of the ground. The reason for this is that they have found that silver likes to hang out closer to the surface. The deeper that silver and gold has to be mined, the amount of gold recovered is consistent, but the silver that is recovered as they go down falls off.

  4. Hey Jack. Nice job on the video. I ordered 5 of the TSP Silver Medallions and was wondering what size ‘Airtites’ would I use to keep them bright and shiny? Thanks and keep up the good work…

  5. Got 15 on order. They look great.
    I don’t see the AOCS “series” incorporated in the design. Is it there and I’m missing it? Seems to me that without that series on the coin, it is more difficult to keep track of what that “50” means as time goes by (if you were going to use the coin as currency within the AOCS network). I’m assuming I’m understanding the “move-up” concept correctly.


    • The question is……… Is the AOCS “series” printed on the coin?

      The current series for silver is “C’.

      Here is the AOCS page that explains the “face value” concept (currently 50 for 1 oz silver coins).

      When the next series starts, a 1 oz silver coin will be face value of 100. Without having the series or date on the coin, I’m not sure how you know that this ant coin is really worth 100 & not the 50 printed on it.

      Of course, if you are just buying it for the silver and have no plans on spending it within the AOCS network, it is a moot point. I’m just curious how the AOCS works in this regard. Printing the series on the coin would make it a lot easier to determine the coins current AOCS value.

      Thanks & sorry for the noise.

      • Ill ask Rob about this today but I think some people think to much. AOCS works this simply if it is official AOCS currency it is taken at what ever one ounce is taken at period. Frankly I am likely to drop the 50 on future coins to avoid this entire thing.

        Frankly I also think Rob and the guys if they want to denominate things should just lock the denomination. What I mean is when there is a swing between the Dollar and the Peso no one changes the numbers on the units.

        The key is an ounce of AOCS silver is taken at a premium over other forms inside the barter network. If you are dealing with anyone who cares they know that. If you are outside the network again an ounce is an ounce is an ounce.

  6. Wow, my first-ever purchase of silver! I just ordered 5 silver ant medallions, got an account and plan to purchase regularly going forward. Feels right.

    • Same here! And now that I actually have a job, hopefully I’ll be putting part of each paycheck into silver.

  7. I’m glad I got my order in too! My brother is getting linked in too.
    I’m good for neices and nephews gifts.
    will there be bees soon too?