New Video Series Dedicated to Comfrey – Episode One — 15 Comments

  1. Jack, the link to the ebay account didn’t work. I’d love to get some comfrey and would be glad to take your recommendation of who to buy from!

  2. I have purchased from the same fellow recently and Have been extremely happy with the service and product.

  3. Jack,

    I’m SO looking forward to the video series on comfrey. I ordered some after episode 1371, just got confirmation the plants will be here in a few days, so perfect timing!

    Looking forward to more videos.


    • The Comfrey from hitmissmotor, the eBay seller. He doesn’t specify. Sorry for being vague.

      • Oh I am not 100% sure because there are no leaves to look at yet, but the listener who I heard about him from contacted him. The seller says it is 14, it likely is, but I am not sure.

        The difference between 4 and 14 is so minor that no one should really care. The plant he shows in his photos is definitely 14.

        But let me put it this way, in the research done by Wells on the crosses of comfrey 20 odd bockings were created. Finding 1-3, 5-13 or anything above 14 is all but impossible to do. Why? Those two were selected by the market as being the best of the lots.

        4 is considered more palatable as fodder, 14 is “preferred by permaculturists and organic gardeners” and that is only because the people selling it feel compelled to give you some difference in the numbers. In the end, comfrey is comfrey. Unless you specifically plan to graze it heavily I would not even concern myself with it.

  4. Thanks Jack, I’d just prefer to not get any “true” comfrey that has viable seeds right now so any hybrid would be good for me. Thanks for all you and the TSP community do.

  5. I ordered from this same seller and the same thing happened I got a bag FULL of pieces… cuttings, crowns, leftovers. Also I ordered some from Nantahala Farm as well and it arrived QUICK and got 6, 7, 8 very healthy cuttings and crowns for the price of 3. I ordered the True, #4, and the “wild” all had extra in the bags. Very happy with both orders.

  6. first I’ve ever heard of the stuff, cool video though!!

    any links to uses? ones I googled were “controversial”.

    • Uses, try the podcast I did, it will explain the “controversial” parts.

  7. Just ordered some from this ebay guy. I got some this spring from Coe’s, and I wanted some Bocking 14 to go with my Bocking 4.

  8. Ordered from the linked seller on the 30th and got mine today – big ol’ honkin’ bag. Very happy with this seller. Thanks for the link!

  9. This video is great! I love it,

    One question, I’m in The Netherlands and I found a shop that delivers the bocking 14. Its august now, next months the temperature will drop, can I still plant the rootstocks and cuttings, or do I have to wait for the spring? If I manage to grow them before the winter I can make another round of cuttings in the spring

    Another question? will the comfrey keep on growing in the winter?