VEVOR DZ-260 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – Item of the Day — 12 Comments

  1. Jack, do you think this will do a 5lb chicken?

    Thinking of getting one for packaging our pastured poultry. Can’t tell if it would fit. Definitely would take up some of the room in the domed lid.

    Thanks, Jason

  2. Just a heads up. If you register as a Pro/business you are not eligible for the discount code. And I could find no way to change or delete that registry with that Email/address after the fact. I still ordered the sealer as it is a good price and I need one. And you do get a 2% discount. But, Jack will not get the credit.

  3. I received this chamber sealer this afternoon. I was able to fit 2 wide mouth mason jars at the same time for “dry canning” my freeze dried items. If you take out the spacer plate, you can fit a 1/2 gallon wide mouth canning jar if you insert it diagonally. Also, with the spacer plate out I was able to fit 6 wide mouth pint jars at once.

  4. Jack you’re a jerk. Never going back. Soooooo much better and easier and actually fun.

    I got the $100 discount but not the 5%, hopefully you still get credit from the link

    Big thing is the bags are way cheaper than food saver. I have about $55 in two sizes of bags and have 500 bags. I would need a second mortgage to buy that many food saver bags

    This thing will pay for itself in bags quickly

    • 100% that makes this a no brainer. At 1100 bucks it was worth it when I got my Vac Master but if you don’t have one and don’t pick this up this cheap, you hate money. lol

      Now that you have one google “compressed fruit”.

  5. I bought one of these and can’t wait to use it. But for the life of me, I can’t find the oil fill or the oil fill sight line. Instructions haven’t been any help. Can anyone help me out? Update. Never watched the whole video Jack posted. I see he covers it just past the halfway mark. Sorry.

    • As I say in the video, take the screws out of the back panel, remove the back panel, the pump is sitting right about center near the rear. Small black cap comes off to fill, sight glass is looking right at you center of the pump. Also a small plug you can pull to drain it to change the oil when needed.

      • Quick hint, it takes a bit for it to show on the sight glass as you pour, I waited until I got to the 3/4 mark and stopped pouring and then it overfilled. I just drained out what I needed to get back down to 3/4.

  6. I just got mine. Question it has a single and dual seal function, i have tried both and the seal looks the same. What am i missing?

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